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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Everything old is new again...

First, you should watch this video. My mom sent it to me, saying it'll be me when I buy my house. Only if I'm lucky. More like if I win the lottery, only instead of a ranch it'll be an island of cats, and instead of 700 I'll have like a billion. I'm not crazy, I'm just kind. Bonus, my cats will swim in the ocean and catch fish. I'm imaginative.

So, I don't get a new person at work. Tuesday we had a big sha-bang go down where I got one of the girls in the dept that handles another division, but does almost the same job as my girls. So, they made her move under me. The bad part is that she was under another manager in my dept who I think was upset by it all, but not my fault.

My boss and my boss's boss told me that I'll be over all the support staff eventually, so I'll have like 4 or 5 people. Plus, the direction of our department is changing. All of our stuff is going to be moving online, most of our reporting. So that cuts out a lot of what we do. The fun part, is that we will be working on the web, and that's something I miss doing from my old job. In a meeting they asked for input on what we can include on the site, what type of reporting is needed. So that makes me happy, to feel that my job is secure. And, to learn new things, and have a voice! So, I'm happy and thankful. In my quest for positivity, I am being optimistic!

The best part is my not so new girl is smart, and I can teach her to be my back up for a lot of my reporting, and be confident that she won't screw it up. In other words....I can go on vacation and not be limited to 2 weeks out of a month! *angels sing*

NSNG (as I will call my not so new girl) is also a hypochondriac. She was kind of the person in the department you avoid, if someone is stuck talking to her, it's an unspoken rule that you fake call the other person to get her to leave their desk. She has every ailment known to man, and is on every medication. She's a talker, and a talker, and talks about her Aunt Rose like she is your best friend in the world. No matter what you talk about, she can manage to turn it into a conversation about her, or someone she knows, and/or one of her ailments.

Not only does she have everything wrong with her, but she is allergic to 90% of every medication to cure whatever is wrong with her. She's nice enough, but you just want to say, shut the hell up for once!!! The nicest person on earth works in my dept also, and she said to me one day after work...."Do you think NSNG talks too much?" It makes me laugh until I cried. She is the kind of person that says "yippie skippee". She doesn't say bad things about anyone.

NSNG story from last week.....

Last week I was at work after hours doing facebook. She came to my desk to get a drink that I have stored under my desk, so I moved out of the way from my computer and she said "oh your on facebook! You have to be my friend" I said something like...."I dont get on there much" and she proceeded to comandeer my computer, and use MY account to request her as a friend. I don't want to be friends with work people. That's my private life. Especially people whom I supervise! I'm suppose to be somewhat responsible.


Erin said...

Oh I can see many funny stories ahead with NSNG!! She sounds like a real winner ;)

Mike said...

I'm going to send that video to my girlfriend, she'll love it. We are both cat lovers and she said she is going to do the same thing when she can afford to. I want the black cat that was sitting on the woman's shoulders.

Momma said...


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I'm with Erin - this has potential. You know what you can do on FB, right? Block her entirely and tell her you closed your account. That or you could just tell her that you aren't FB friends with people at work.
She may be smart but she sounds awful.