"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Silver Lining...

One thing I can say about losing your cat. The stress is good for your weight loss. Not that I advocate losing your cat, because it's not good for your sleep pattern, or brain. I've been completely useless at work this week. And, I'm gonna have a tough time getting out of bed tomorrow morning. Who am I kidding, I mean tomorrow afternoon. I don't do Saturday mornings.

But apparently I do Sunday mornings. Last weekend the manfriend and I got up at 8:30 a.m. I don't have a clock in my room, or this wouldn't have happened. The good thing about being up early is going out to breakfast. They put a Sonic in five minutes from my house (I know, can you believe it???!!!) so we hit it up for breakfast. Guess what Sonic has? Frito pie. This has long since been a favorite at fairs, and is served in a restaurant? Brilliant! I got an egg sandwhich. And a frozen latte. For lunch, I introduced the manfriend to Swenson's. Big city folk don't have Swenson's, and I really feel bad for them. Of course, he loved it. It's the yummiest burger joint around. And my non beef eating ways always takes a back seat for some swensons once in a while.

Seeing that I ate like crap to stuff my sorrow's I still managed to lose weight this week, bringing my weight loss total up to (wait for it........) 72 lbs!!! AAAAH! Almost 3/4 of 100 lbs, I can barely believe it. I also attribute this to the fact that I'm upping my workouts to "train" for the Cleveland marathon. Doesn't that sound important? (I stole this idea from Allison)Ok, in reality, I'm gonna do the 10k with Kat. That's still alot for your first time. I do 3.5 miles every day, so I've upped it to 4, and started doing more inclines, and 5 min more of jogging. We all know that outside is nothing like a treadmill.

Did I mention that while up at the buttcrack of dawn this past weekend, we actually had to wait for stores to open? Like, we were there too early? And, we got awesome parking, and had no traffic. Old folks have it all figured out.

My lessons for the week are that I have the best manfriend in the universe, who loves my cat, and took fantastic care of me while I was sad, and fabulous people who care about me enough to ask how my kitty is each day. Oh..and I need to get my back door fixed. Kitty is settling back nicely with the other cats. She's being really assertive to the kittens, and seems to be in good health, and her poo is normal.

P.S. 72 lbs?!!!!!!!!


Ms. Megan said...

So happy your cat is home! I was worried!

brookem said...

72 lbs! holy cow! you go woman!

so glad that you got your little kitty back! i would have been a complete wreck as well if cosmo got out. glad you got a nice little reunion and a manfriend to be there during the hard time of it all.

Carolyn G said...

OMG how stressful. I remember when my scout didnt come back one night and I freaked. I am so glad the kitty was found.