"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When Even Tivo Lets you Down..

I'm pretty sure that I'm getting sick. I dunno if it's the dried bloody crud in my nose, or the fact that when I blew my nose last night, all my gallons of snot were red that gave it away. Or the fact that it feels like I drank 6 beers and 15 shots by the way my head is heavy, clouded and full. Gotta love the flu season! I thought I made it thru unscathed. Everyone around me was sick, but I diligently cleaned my desk, and purelled my hands. They even installed those automatic purell dispensers that you dont have to touch, everywhere at work. All the doorways, and departments. But, I think it's catching up with me. Not getting enough sleep is a sure fired way to fuck up your immune system. You would think with all the antioxidents I get in the red wine I've been drinking would make me immune though.

At work I've been setting up interviews for my VP. I feel all important saying I am so and so from such and such's office, and I'm calling to set up an interview. People are pretty nice to you when your the big boss's secretary. Then like a good secretary, I attached each person's information along with their interview appointment schedules, and a little info about each of them, such as their sales numbers etc, and the time and numbers they are calling from all in a nice folder arranged by date. Who knew I was such a kick ass assistant? Well, I always knew I had it in me.

Oh well. What's good about life lately. Oh yes, my shows are starting back up! Prison break was on, which was quite exciting, and even more thrilling, HEROS! I love that show to bits and then I scrape up the bits and eat them, so it's with me forever. New heros, is pretty exciting! Hiro cracks me up, I think he makes the show. I saw the previews for the new season at the movie theater, that's how awesome it is.

My long time companion, Tivo has betrayed me. I saved up two weeks worth of What About Brian (only one of the best shows...ever!) so that when Marjorie returned, I could watch all 3 weeks back to back. I hate waiting a week when shit goes down. And Marjorie returning...is big business in the world of What About Brian!! So, at the end of last weeks episode, Marjorie sees her two "men" with new women, and that's how it ends. Argh. I go to find this weeks episode in my play list...and? It didn't record.


I went to my recording history and Tivo says "What About Brian did not record due to a higher priority show being recorded Dr. 90210". Huh? I think Tivo has a malfunction. First of all, I checked my season pass manager, and What About Brian is #3. Only Lost, and Heros outrank it. Meaning, unless Lost or Heros is on, What About Brian will always record. Second of all, only 1 thing was recording at 10 and Tivo can record 2 shows at once. Third, Dr. 90210 isn't even in my season pass list, it's on a wish list. So I check to see if I have it set to auto-record my wish list. Um, no. Were there two things set to record at 10 p.m.? Uh...no.

And fourth????? Dr. 90210 wasn't on at 10 last night. HIGH MAINTENANCE 90210 was on. And I didn't even set it up to record. I had it set for a specific show, Dr. 90210 not KEY WORD 90210. Hello? Tivo? I think I need to break up with you.

If anyone has awesome taste in shows like me and got to see my show please let me know WTF happened!!! I'm dying mkay?


Celina said...

Sorry, I didn't watch "Brian" last night. In fact, I haven't watched it in a while...
But, YES, I LOVE Heros!! Hiro IS hilarious, and I can't believe we waited over a month (and still remembered) to watch!! I've NEVER been that "into" a show!
I dunno about Tivo... I've heard of so many people wanting to "break up/make up" that I think my tender little heart couldn't handle the disappointment! :)

Bianca said...

You can catch up on your show here: http://dynamic.abc.go.com/streaming/landing

Jess said...

Speaking of TiVo, Heroes airing opposite 24 is killing me! How much does one of them DVR doohickeys cost anyway?

Mon said...

i think tivo is a man therefore bound to dissapoint once in a while. =)

you saved me.

I got my tivo for 150 thru direct tv. My friend got hers for a few hundred from best buy, but hers has more memory than mine. You can usually get a DVR from a cable provider for like 5 bucks a month. Its not the same as Tivo, but close!