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Friday, January 05, 2007

Folsom County Prison, Only Not Quite A Prison...

I started the new job last night. It wasn't so bad, so I'm gonna go back. It's actually pretty interesting. I sit behind bulletproof glass at the police station. Good to know it was bulletproof. Seeing how I don't think I'll be risking my life for $8.25/hour. What sort of things will I do? Well, I took some infofrom a woman who had her purse stolen at the Giant Eagle.

I get to input traffic tickets, crash reports (which I did at my old PT job before) and warning tickets. So far, that's all the paperwork I learned. I get to watch all the monitors in the station which will be fun on weekends. Another PT girl said a lot of drunks come in. Fun for me! She also said, mostly people think we are closed weekends so it's dead. I get to sit and surf the net. Not a bad gig I suppose.

Sometimes I'll have to witness someone's miranda rights, and sign a paper. Sometimes I'll haveto "keep an eye" on a criminal on the monitor if an officer has to leave the room. It's pretty fun! I have access to the system that shows all the cars on patrol and where they are headed, on what calls. They come up and go away when they are done.

I also get to listen to the police scanner, and be entertained. "Ten forty niner, we got a pursuit in progress".

I can get in the computer and spy on people's police reports, tickets, and criminal records. I even have the ability to erase records. So um, for a fee, maybe I can erase your record. Only in 3 cities though. And you better make it worth my while. I could lose my job. The phones are recorded. No interesting conversations for me either. Booty.


Anonymous said...

Im glad you had a good time at work. Im also glad you dont work this weekend (check your email). But, I must tell you that Edwin can only be your mistress [sp] because I am still visioning you as my future wife. (thinking positive gets positive results)

Celina said...

The Edwin concert sounded AWESOME!! And, he does look kinda weird with the buzz cut!
I'm glad you're enjoying (so far) your 2nd job. I couldn't even imagine working at TWO different places. The police desk job seems really interesting, but maybe a little scary.

Bianca said...

It sounds like your job has alot of potential for amusement. I hope you don't wear yourself out too much!

supplymadam said...

So voyerism is legal in jail. Sounds interesting that little old you from Ohio can keep tabs on prisoners. Hope you don't get to run down from your 2 jobs.
Glad you enjoyed Edwin. Great video.

Mon said...

It should produce some interesting stories if nothing else!

working 16 hrs on the wknd vs. working 60 m-f should be easier on me. I got use to that so this should be a cake walk...

thanks for the compliment on the video. I love him. he's my honey poo and he'll grow his hair back. sigh* I should be ok working the jobs. I hope. There is no other way for me to get ahead!