"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Titles Require me to Think...

How bout them Buckeyes? I don't like the foosball, but everyone is talkingabout the damn game. It's just a game, there's next year. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty awesome. Cus I said so. I worked Friday but it was deadat the old police station. I went out to kickit for a bit with Kat and her work peeps. Her friend Matt was being a hater and trying to steal our mojo at silverstrike bowling, only becausehe didn't have the natural talent to win on his own. In the end we tied. He said he could have beatenme if I hadn't 'fucked with him' but, whatever you say. The proof is in the pudding. I don't even know what that means, but people say it.

I'm super busy again today. I can't wait until the VP's go back out on the road. Having them around only makes them decide they want things, and want to change things, and I don't much like it. I'm still new so it's taking me a while to get all my awards and reports done. Have I mentioned howspectacular they think I am at work? I don't get it, because to me it's just me, this is who I am...I'm dedicated, and a smart cookie. Be jealous. There are a ton of reports in excel I have to do, I'm more use to reporting in Access, but once you learn the ropes, it's easy, I know the programs. My boss also wants me to be a back up with the reporting she does. Must mean I'm doing well I guess.

So my friend Katie told me all about how the place I work job #2 was all in the news for having some sortof sex scandal. Isn't that peachy. Nice of her to tell me BEFORE I started working there. But, she said she thought it was a different city. No wonder they have so many new people there. I don't want to be involvedin no scandalous sexcapades, and I also need me a damn second job. Let's hope this has all passed. I think everyone involved has been let go. Yea, a secretary and an officer. Doesn't that sound like a plot for a sleazy romance novel?

I have to work tonight, Wednesday, and Thursday there. I better get a damn paycheck on Friday, or I'llbe pissed off. It wont be for much but every little bit helps! I need to pay off some bills. At this point, I'm just hoping to get a refund from the government to pay my 2005 taxes off with. At least federal. I stillowe the city. It's bullshit that they even want me to pay. I already paid where I worked.

Saturday CP came over and helped me take down the tree. It's so depressing. I still have one to take down though. Then he lugged my treadmill upstairs for me. I've had it up, down, and now up again. I'm thinking if I can watch the old Tivo, I'll walk much more. Nothing like walking to Rachel Ray or Ellen. It's way more interesting than listening to the same old songs every time I get on. I've been doing good so far. I'm sleeping better too having worked out. I'm sleepingright thru the night, not waking up. Ahhhh....thats freaking awesome!

I managed to not drink an entire bottle of wine Sat night. This is an accomplishment to me, because since my birthday, I've had a bottle of wine a night, ON THE WEEKEND. This weekend I had all but 1 glass of a bottle Sat, and I did drink a bottle on Sunday. Can I help it if I found the best wine ever? It's grape-y and notgross. Mmmm. Stop talking about it or I'll start drinking thru the week. I'll need a third job to support my drinking habit.

I got my cable channels back! Dr 90210, Hogan Knows Best, The Real World...here I come! Hopefully I can afford it for a while. I miss my shows!

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supplymadam said...

Maybe you can get a 3rd job in a liquor store and get a discount.