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Monday, January 22, 2007

Cozy Cabin...

So, It only took me over a month, but I finally bring to you the pictures from the cabin trip CP took me on for my birthday!

First, here is the adorable Cookie Jar I spent way too much money on for a cookie jar I don't intend to fill with any food product whatsoever. But, you have to love it!

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One of the days we went to amish country, and this is one of the cute farms we passed. I just love a good farm. I was obsessed with getting a picture of the amish hanging their laundry out to dry, CP had to turnaround for me to get this one.

The amish don't like having their picture taken so I couldn't just snap pictures of them in their carts. I made CP pull over so I could get this one of the horsie.

Here is a picture of all my loot that I bought at the antique mall and surrounding stores. I love me some old shit. Well, CP bought it actually.

*Unless you're Edwin. I always have time for you sweetness!


Rachel said...

Love the cabin pics (especially of the kitty).

I also love the stories from the police station. You could do a screenplay! Neat perspective.

Mon said...

cats make everything better! Its an interesting job thats for sure!

Celina said...

What a gorgeous cabin! And, no vacation is complete without homeless little kitties (especially the ones that make your really miss the babies you left at home)!