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Saturday, January 20, 2007

One Is The Lonliest Number....

So, I'm all alone at the police station. Behind bullet proof glass. Listening to music. Eating free Pizza hut. One thing about the police is they always have free food. Just what I need. I stopped and got myself a large cuppacinno. I dunno how this working alone thing is going to work out. The girl I relieved said it's been quiet tonight. I plan to listen to the scanner, and watch the calls on the computer. Hopefully, get caught up on my blogs I read. It's been a while since I could just sit and read. How nice for me. It's the first time I've been alone on a job. I mean. Totally alone. Cops come in and out but other than that I'm alone. I get to park behind the police gates now, with the police cars and fire trucks. Guess who's car is pretty safe?

I got a little bag of goodies from one of the ladies at the temp service that placed me. And a card, thanking me for doing an amazing job. How cute is that? Kinda makes me feel bad about not wanting to stay.

I had a date last night. CP took me out. He came to pick me up in his brothers mustang, and brought me flowers. We went to dinner which was good. Then we got ice cream at Coldstone. I got a big ass thing of it that I couldn't finish so we left them in the car while we went to the movie. We went to see the Hitcher. I forgot my glasses in the car, and he went out in the cold to get them for me. Isn't that nice? Oh, a call just came on the scanner theres an alarm going off at a restaurant at the strip, a customer was acting up. Bout to be some drama!

Anyhoo, the movie was good. It was a remake of the 1980's Hitcher. I guess I didn't realize that, but it was way better. I jumped about 50 times. That's the shit you miss by not going to the theater! You don't get that loud BOOM! I also saw one of the officers from work doing security at the theater. It's pretty funny.

Guess what preview I saw? The Hills Have Eyes 2. Yes I did! I cannot wait until it comes out! That movie scared me and I love scarey movies! There's also another flick about some woman who was buried with her dolls and they come to life. Need I say how bad those freaking doll movies scared me when I was younger? Awesome.

We stopped at Best Buy to kill some time, and I got the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre on DVD. One of my favorite freaking series mkay? Love it. I was looking at Ipods and MP3 players. Sure would be nice to have one, but then I don't have the internet. And I'd have to charge it, and that defeats the purpose of working another job. On a Saturday night. I could be out getting drunk, but no, I'm here earning a living. Answering the stinking phone. That isn't suppose to ring tonight. I just heard one of the officers on the scanner, is coming back here. So, I won't be alone for long.

I did however, manage to get my ass in gear and work out today. I'm proud of me. I can tell a difference. It's nice to feel good. I stayed up last night and cleaned and passed out on the couch around 2 and woke up at 7 a.m. slobbering all over myself. I was out. O-U-T! Felt good to get some rest! I work so hard at my first job, it's not a cake walk like my old job. I have to be pleasant, and help people all day. Have I mentioned that I have like, the coolest VP's to work for? Only one of them has me do a bunch of crap. The other two are pretty low maintenance. It's hard to remember to tell them all every day about their meetings. I dunno, it is getting easier though. They have been in the office all month, and normally their traveling all week, so it's been busy.

Next month all the district managers come in and have some sort of training, I guess it happens twice a year. It'll be fun to meet them, their a lot of fun too, I'm starting to have my own rappor with them. I do think I should make more money though. I made a lot more at my last job and did half the work. OH WAIT, that IS the way of the world. The less work you do the more money you make. How easily I forget! I went over to the third building without getting lost Friday to pick up expense checks. That's a feat, considering our building is um...huge!

I picked out some earrings I have to have. They retail at $250 so I think I can get them pretty cheap. I'm not suppose to discuss my discount. But it's something to be jealous of. I guess the rest of the world would stop buying jewelry and I'd be out a job or something. But, I think the world pretty much knows they pay way more.

I'm off to catch up on some blogs. Think of me working all alone this weekend! Times going uh, slow!


Janet said...

Wait. They remade The Hitcher now?! The movie starring C. Thomas Howell? Is nothing sacred anymore?:)

Bianca said...

My discount on consumer electronics is also pretty sweet. Enjoy it!