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Friday, January 12, 2007

Reason 456,234,012 I Don't Want Children...

Custody battles. I know I said I'd tell a story about the good old days, but sometimes life happens and this is one of those times. So I'm at work at the police station, and the girl who is training us (I've been working this week with another trainee) goes to lunch for 1/2 hr and a sargeant usually comes to sit up front while she is gone. It hasn't been busy with calls or visits so we havn't had much exposure to that sorta thing, and she wasn't ready to leave us alone, but "the sargeant" decided we would be fine on our own and decided to not come up.

I was in another office in the front for the first part of this story. The entire lobby is mic'd so you can hear a pin drop out there amplified in our office. A guy comes in around 7:35, and states that he is picking up his daughter, him and his "ex" are making the exchange at the police station, and she is late. He wanted to file a police report on her. She was suppose to come at 7:30, and had called to say she'd be late, at 8:00. The other girl sent an officer out to talk to the guy. The officer found out they just went to court on Monday, and she wasn't breaking any law if she called to say she would be late and besides, neither of them lived in the township in which we work. No livie, no helpie. Unless I suppose you are dying, but no police reports.

By this time I'm done entering my citations, and I make my way to the front desk. The guy is clearly agitated, doing something on his cell phone, shaking his leg anxiously. The officer came to tell us that this sort of thing will happen all the time, people usually make 'exchanges' at the police station. While we wait, I make up a scenerio as to why the dude is so pissed off. I figure, he probably has another woman at home and the ex is making him late for some booty.

So, at 8:00 I see a car pull in on the monitor. The other girl intercoms the dad and says I think she is here, there is a car in the parking lot, what color car does she have? He looks in our direction and says "white" but doesn't move. Me and the other girl look at each other and laugh. "This outta be good" I said. Here comes the Mom with the kid, and she's like 1 or something I dunno kids ages. But she's small and happy, and laughing. Mom walks in, and Dad stands up, takes her bag, takes the kid, and turns around not saying a word and goes out the door. All the while the kid seems pretty happy.

The woman walks out right behind the guy, and you can clearly tell that he wants nothing to do with the Mom and she is instigating something, but they go out to the parking lot, where we can only see and not hear. Next thing you know, here comes Mom back in to the window. "Can I get a stamp that I was here?" We asked what she meant, and she said 'usually' she gets a stamp with our address and the time on it that she was here. We said we're new and our trainer would be back in no time if she wanted to wait. You could just tell this woman was a freak, ok? Seriously. Like, a Jerry Springer freak. Like, "I'm your baby momma you'll never get rid of me" kinda freak.

So she proceeds to tell us that she normally gets a witness statement paper and we have a machine around "over there" as she points about where our time clock is, "that stamps the time". Then she called our trainer by her name and said she does it for her all the time. She kept going on and on, and we asked her to just have a seat for a minute. I tell the other girl maybe she is telling the truth and it couldnt hurt to stamp a paper with the time and have the trainer deal with it when she's back. We hear like a phone conversation in the lobby, and look out to see the freaky woman with a hand held tape recorder listening and laughing, and giving us a
wild freaky woman look of satisfaction.

Apparently, she recorded their little episode in the parking
lot. It was hard to determine what was said, but she seemed pretty pleased with herself, holding it to her ear and laughing. You can clearly tell it was a fight but you can't understand it.
The trainer finally comes back and we ask about a woman who does an exchange in the lobby wanting a stamp. "Oh god a blonde woman? She's a pain in the ass" She'd heard of her. We gave her a stamp on the paper, and she smiles a crazy girl smile of satisfaction and said "thank you", as she played her cassette recorder "I have everything that I need now". Ok psycho, go on with your bad self.

The story on them is that they have been fighting over that kid for almost a year. Trainer said that at first she asked for a time stamp, then it was a witness statement, then she wanted her to write arrival and departure times, then she wanted her to testify in court. Boy, is this going to be a killer time working at the police station.

While we're on the topic of husbands. One of the big bosses at work was telling her secretary about her exhusband being an executive chef of some ritzy joint in Seattle. She googled him so she could show her what he looked like, and found out that he re-married to a wife with MS that he cares for, has a kid, and he was named husband of the year by a prominent woman's magizine. Her secretary then asked, why was it you got divorced? I don't ever see my ex husband being named husband of the year by anyone let alone a magazine.


Frances said...

When I was still living at home we had two divorces in the building that were far from amicable. Every other weekend was a battle royale in the lobby.

Take care,

MzAriez said...

I guess I can understand a bit here. Some people handle it well and other are engaged in World War III. I'm lucky in some ways. I don't have to deal with the ex. He has found other places to do his things. My best friend is going through hell with her's. I believe he is a sociopathic pedophile. I think the police thought she was crazy too because she had to make reports all the time. But she had to document everything because of him. She has 4 1/2 more years to deal and hopefully the kids will overcome this.

People don't realize that once you have a baby together, one way or another, that's connecting you to that person for life. It may last 18 years, but memories and scars can last a lifetime.