"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oscar "Theee" Grouch...

Ah yes. How quickly I forgot the utter and complete exhaustion that working 14 hours a day can bring. The constant dryness and puffiness of the eyes. Trying to stay awake while not in constant movement. Yawning non-stop. Inability to wear contacts due to the risk of your eyes being stuck open for a lifetime, and having your eyes shrivel up and pop out. The complete lack of desire to do things, though things don't get done on their own, so you press on. Drag yourself home. Work out. Get a bath. Clean. Sit down for 30 minutes. Go to bed. Drag yourself out of bed. Rush to work. The 45 minute drive to to work again. In a rush. Work pisses me off.

I'm in such a bitchy mood about it. I don't understand why I have to work 2 jobs. I fucking hate it. It's not that the job sucks so much, it's that working just plain sucks ass. Getting to my first job in the dark, leaving in the dark, makes you think. I live at fricking work. Why do I need to go to work again? What happened to the joy I once felt from the first job? I can't even like work because I hate working so much. Remember when I was off for a month, and all I wanted to do was work? Yea....me too.

I'm mostly sick of being tired. Where is my prince charming? Whoever started that rumor should be sued. Or shot. Better yet, strung up and stoned by all the women of the world struggling to make something of their lives, still wishing a man would rescue them. Bastards. Every last one of them. It's amazing what a lack of sleep will do to you. I forgot what an asshole I was when I worked two jobs. I kinda miss being my pleasant self. I'm going to get some cappucinno from the grill downstairs. Maybe that'll make me happy. More than likely it'll just give me horrible gas and I'll have to spend 14 hours trying not to pass it, and being doubled over in pain. Nice thought huh?

At the police station last night it was pretty damn busy. Lot's of visitors. Lots of calls. I saw on
the system, some dumbass on my street called to complain that a white dog was barking at her. Mind you, every officer in the county was out on a damn accident call. The phone rang every other minute with a person who just got in a wreck. It snowed 3 inches at job #1. There was merely a light dusting at home though. I dunno what the accidents were all about. The canal flooded pretty bad. I see some fun ice skating in our future.

The biggest excitement was a boy that was hauled in. On the system the call was suspicious male. They took him in and gave him the breathalizer test, we watched them interrogate him for quite a while. One of the detectives even came in. They fingerprinted him, and you could clearly see that he was agitated. In the middle of it, the officer came in and gave me an ID and asked me to run a check, it was clear. Then he asked me to run a check on the address to see if there was anything in the area that happened recently like a burglary. Nothing.

Apparently, the ID didn't belong to the boy they had in the room. It was stolen. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn......When they brought him to the lobby to wait for a ride, we got to hear everything. He has to go to court for connection in a robbery. Then we heard the boy call everyone he knew for the next half hour, and recap the entire story of how he got busted 'just walking down the street'. He was a cocky fuckwad. His dad came to pick him up and I had to call dispatch to contact the officer to see if he was free to leave. He was. Then I got to hear them ask him on the scanner. She called back "did you hear?" It's pretty neat.

The boy and his dad went to the car and we watched them for the next 15 minutes on the monitor. In and out of the car, clearly arguing. Next thing you know, they came back in, Dad wanted to talk to the Major. That conversation went on behind closed doors so I couldn't tell you what happened. But I can tell you the boy did something wrong!


supplymadam said...

That really stink having to work 2 jobs. It just ain't right. Actually you have 3 jobs. Include housekeeping your house.

Becca said...

Sorry you are working so much. 14 hours days.... you need to do something good for yourself

Frances said...

Fourteen hours a day - you need to plan out some "you" time big time.
Hope the cappuchino brought no ill effects.
Take care,

Suzi said...

I'm sorry you're having to work so hard, and that you're so tired. That sucks. I have to say, though, that I'm really enjoying your police station stories!