"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Importance is Not Important To Me...

I have nothing important to say. If you think about it. I am not sure that I ever do. So, business as usual. Awesome. Too bad it snowed. Like, for real snow. None of that, dusting of the grass shit we've had a couple times this winter. We have coverage. I'm going to have to take a picture of my driveway so you can understand what me and Tayray are faced with in the winter.

I went on my lunch yesterday and got my oil changed, and my radiator flushed. You should have seen my antifreeze. It was pale pink. It's suppose to be fleurescent orange. Nice. I forgot last winter they told me to flush it and I never did. Whoopsie. So now, she's good to go in the freezing cold. I'm poor, but it's way cheaper than buying a new car. I lost 2 cars to radiator problems. Never getting it flushed. That is my advice to everyone. Get your radiator flushed. You'll thank me some day.

Last night at the police station...they called in a officer to go shoot a deer. It was hit by a car and half dead. It made my heart sink. Ugh. And they called the one with no compassion too. But when he got there he said it went off into the woods and he didn't get to it in time. They call someone to come get the deer and process it when they die. To uh, eat. Isn't that sick? Um, just cus you get a call from the cops to pick it up, doesn't mean you're still not eating road kill people. Barf.

Accomplishment of the week. I've had 2 bottles of wine for a week. They aren't my usual yummy kind. And I've been mixing them. I never claimed to be an officianotto. I like what I like. I mixed Fat Bastard chardonnay with a local winery's apricot wine. And, it's pretty damn good so shut it. I didn't drink them all! Go me!

CP has been teasing me for days now about how he got me something he claims to be one step down from diamonds. I guessed gold. Well, first I said if it's Edwin you better let him out of the trunk because he may freeze to death. *Sigh* not everyone is as obsessed as me I suppose. He has been making me wait for days to get my gift. The other day he bought me candles and cigarettes, and sunkist. I love my sunkist, it's my special treat to myself for hangovers. Not that I was hungover during the week. And 4 drug tests. Not for me, for him. So I could have some sort of security. Truth is I think I might know what my suprise is, and I told a couple people so that when I'm right, he will know I guessed it.

His hint was it's round, and square at the same time. Riddle me this.

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