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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Cold Causes An Uprise In Criminal Behavior...

It was sure a busy night at the Po Po station! Lot's of criminals. First, the girl that's been in
training with me wasn't there, so it was just me, when my trainer went to lunch...like it will be when I'm on a shift alone. I didn't like it. I had someone from Sears coming to sign theft charge papers, and they told me, just give him these to sign. Not "wait until a notary comes in" so I let him sign the papers and leave. Then I see the notary signature spot. Motherfucker.

I had 2 fender benders, and a keyed car waiting in the lobby to file reports, and every single cop out on the road, or in the booking room. Some guy was waiting 2 hours for a cop to come let him in his car. He was stranded at the diamond store at the mall. As if that's the worst place he could be stranded? Buy something for someone and quit yer bitchin! He called all the time pissed off.

There were criminals in the back. They brought two girls in for shoplifting at Kohl's. "Combative female shoplifters" they were called on the call system. It took 3 officers to get them out of the store. First I had to run back to take the officer her paperwork. The girls were hysterical. On the screen, the officer was just going about her business as if there weren't 2 screaming women in the room, but in the room it was mayhem. They were crying and screaming "I knew we shouldn't have stole those checks" hmmm...seems there was more than shoplifting with these chicks. Then the detective on the case asked me to pull the original paperwork for a previous charge on one of the girls. Check fraud.

Meanwhile, I have a girl filling out a police report in the report room, and had to call the
officer in charge of that case thru dispatch to come back in to meet with her. The officer called in to have the detective do it for him. I'm trying to find the original paperwork for the detective, answer the phone, let people in the door (it's auto-locked) and handle the people in the lobby, who were pissed they had been waiting 20 minutes for an officer to fill out a report. I had yet another person in the lobby, this made four, and I called dispatch and the girl asked if anyone had even taken the original report yet. I said no, she's still here. Then when I hung up, the original report decided to leave, so I had to call dispatch back and cancel that call. I was put on hold. I thought that only happened in the movies, but sure as shit she answered the phone and said Hold please!

Then the officer with the "combative female shoplifters" called to see if I could watch her prisoners so she could let the male officer watching them get back out on the street, to you know, hassel drivers and whatnot since they were so behind. (remember the poor guy locked out of his car for 2 hours?) So that meant I had to keep an eye on them on the TV screen. They were both handcuffed to benches, not like they were going anywhere. But, I didn't want to be the one that let the shoplifters escape.

Then, here comes the guy from Kohl's to sign his charges against the combative female shoplifters. For some reason the phone doesn't work right in the booking room, so I'd call.. see the officer on the TV go for the phone, and it would go dead, and she'd hang up. After a few times, l she stopped answering the phone. I had to leave my post, and run back and tell
her Kohl's dude was here, and run back in case the phones rang, or people needed in.

On my way back, I see another boy in the hallway, and a really old man, stumbling around with another officer. He blew a .19 on the breathalizer. I think the legal limit is .01 or something. Needless to say he was drunk. He was on the road running curbs, and hitting people. A concerned citizen was on with dispatch following him earlier, and I didn't even get to hear it all cus I was busy! It would've been a fun call to listen to.

The detective wants me to make a copy, and have I found that report yet? Then, I get a stupid ass call "is there a law against having a space heater in an office". What the fuck do I know? I told her I think that would be up to the individual employer. Logic tells me, space heater's aren't illegal, so I made my own deduction. Then she's like "thank you thats all I needed" in a way
that made me think she was going to tell her employer the POLICE said she could have her stupid ass heater.

Then the officer who is a notary comes in, so I have to take the Kohl's dude back to booking to have him sign papers. Then I take the Sear's paperwork and tell him that I saw the guy sign them, I wasn't told to wait for a notary. On my way back, I see the old drunk dude, puking in the "detox" cell. The detox cell is just a concrete room with a hole in the floor to puke in. The officer I think is cute (I'm not blind am I?) was handing him paper towels and telling him to clean himself up.

When I get back to the front, there is a woman there to pick up the boy "And ONLY the boy" her words, that was with the drunk old man. Who turned out to be 'Grandpa' and she was the boy's mother. She was yelling at the boy as they left, but I had to answer the stupid phone and not eavesdrop. The caller wanted to tell me someone was offering her a free entertainment center near the mall. Man, take that shit as a free gift, and don't bother me with your phone call, the police are busy!

Then, when the lady on lunch came back....not a soul came in, and the phone only rang once. I went home and went to bed, directly after a bath. I was freaking pooped. I don't feel good, and I'm so tired of talking at the end of the day from my regular job. I can't wait until this week is over, and I don't have to work thru the week a second job.

Friday I get to work 16 hours. No one call me Friday or Saturday. You might be hurt. I can't turn my ringer off cus I need the alarm. I have to try to sleep before working Friday night, and Sat I'm staying up to make it to the bank at 9 am so I'll be up about 26 hours or so.
I work 8a-5p. Then 11p-7a. For $8.25 an hour? Is it worth it? Um, we're going to see about that. I'm not so sure I should be working midnights for $8.25. You know I work thru a temp service, and they pay the temp service more than we make, if they paid people a decent wage I bet the turnover would die down. Assholes.


supplymadam said...

See what happens when you are cooped up in the house for too long. Hope you make it through the weekend!

Janet said...

I had a friend who had a job like this once. The one good thing she always said about it was that there was never a dull moment.:)