"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Don't Always Say Anything...

Better late than never I always say. Well, I don't say that because typically I hate when people are late. And, I'm usually always late. So, the moral of the story is I guess in my case for posting, it's better late than never. Anyways.

It's already hump day! I'm liking the old J-O-B more each day. I'm actually getting to spend time with my VP's since they are here, and I am getting to know, that their pretty cool guys. They don't think their better than us at all. (By us I mean 'the secretaries') I spent a few days doing awards for people in the stores. They get a lot of freaking awards. I'd love an award too, so I can't complain. Today the girls told me all about their old manager, and what a horrible bitch she was, and I'm pretty glad I didn't work here then. Then, they showed me how to skirt management to get something Fed-Ex'd that my boss told me not to do. Not that it's a bad thing, a district manager asked me to make her 3 stinking awards, and I was already doing it for my VP's, so I did it anyway. She is a really sweet lady so she deserved it. The girls said I'm learning the ropes.

At job #2 last night, I saw a vet tech from my vet come in to get a police report that was filed against her. I don't know what it was about because I was in the other room when they printed it for her. Then a truck full of hooligans (young boys) came in, asking for a video tape. I looked around because normally if someone lost something it's up front and people will come in to pick it up. I asked who called them, an officer, they didn't know his name. So the other lady went thru some names and it so happened that the officer was there at the time, so he went out to talk to the boys.

Apparently the hooligans had commited some kind of "criminal mischief" on said video tape, and came to pick it up, as if they would get off with their incriminating evidence. The officer told the boys that it was evidence and they may be prosecuted for "criminal mischief". And then seriously, the head hooligan then asked if he could "take the tape home to make a copy and bring it back". All I have to say is that I really would love to know what the hell was on that tape. Of course, the officer said you have got to be crazy, that's evidence.

I'm going to work at the station a few hours this weekend to get a feel for what it's like, I keep hearing it's different. It's pretty hard to input the tickets and stuff, it's simple, but the exceptions and ins and outs of the whole thing are hard to remember.

I'm proud to say that since having my treadmill moved I have successfully worked out every day. While we have a gym at work, the only reason I liked going to the gym thru my old job, was to take aerobics classes. There's no classes at the work gym. So, I go home. Plus I get to watch The View and stuff. It was shitty doing it at 9 last night after working 2 jobs, but hey, whatyagonna do? Complain about being fat? Complaining is way easier than working out. I blame losing my job on falling off the wagon, cus technically anything bad in my life is not my fault.

Speaking of bad in my life, I read a journal of mine from the year after I graduated. First, I was a freaking pimp OK? I use to kickit with Katie and Shelly and Stacy all the friggin time. Up at Brewskies...which sadly is no more. Tomorrow I'm gonna share some funny stories from 'Back in the Day'.


MzAriez said...

Wow. It sounds like you come across some stupid criminals in job #2. I hope you get a financial bonus for the award you may one day get at job #1. You deserve to shine.

Take care Mon!

EC said...

The job sounds as if it is going well - and it sounds like it may actually be fun!

I'm happy you found something you like.

Anonymous said...

I am claiming the innocents of youth on anything incriminating that you dish out about me. I will say that we did kick it!!!


Becca said...

You are so commited to working out that is awesome. I still only make it there 2 times a week working on 3 times, but need 4 days. I am finally seeing a little tightening.... my ass will be back up at some point.