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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

From The Not So Frozen Tundra....

How's the weather out there? It seems to be fine here to me. We are having our second snow of the year. People completely freak out and forget how to drive. It was icy so there were several accidents on the roads this morning. I drove 45mph today. The. Whole. Way. To. Work. It takes me 30 minutes going 70. Needless to say I was late. Bastards.

So I'm at work yesterday and in walks this dipshit I use to work with at my old job. They canned her way before they canned me. She was way annoying, and not too bright. And really religious, which, fine, but she would bring that shit to work, and pray for you for gossiping, and stuff. She was nice, but just too pushy with her beliefs. Anyhoo, needless to say she
isn't getting a call back. She couldn't even email an excel document. (They give you a test)

I'm still super busy at work. But it makes the time go fast. Then I'm working at night. I worked a bit on Saturday and I got to do a lot more than usual. Answering the phone, and had a woman come in with a stalker. Also, some old bag that I hear calls all the time, thinking the police are "out to get her". I just love old people. Not. Back to work at the police station tonight. Working thru the week really sucks. How did I do it for almost 2 years? Ugh. I can't stand it. I'm gonna hate working the weekend even more, but you do what you gotta to get by.

I've still been working on my fitness each night. I'm proud of me. Oh oh oh. Only 3 weeks until Lost comes back. Can you stand it????

Saturday I went to Kats and updated my Myspace with Justin Timberlakes new song, cus it's the fucking bomb. What goes around comes around. Mmmm hmm it sure does. I love it! We went to the mall where Bath and Body was having a majorly huge ginormous sale. 75%, 50%, and some stuff even 90% off. I originally had to go to get this Lancaster self tanning milk for my face, which they didn't even end up having. Kat gave me her leftover samples. I just love the stuff it doesn't turn you orange. I spent $30 but I got almost $100 of stuff. I just love a sale...m'kay? So much so that I got high off of it. I cracked myself and eventually Kat up by smelling things and making a grunting MMMMM noise. I couldn't stop laughing at myself, because I am just that stupid.

Then we went to TJ Max to find something to wear out that night, and I picked her out the ugliest shirt to try on. If you are ever bored, I suggest making your friend try on stupid shit, because it's quite entertaining. She looked like one of those fire monsters from the Labrynth. It was a salmon pink color and had thick kermit the frog-like fringe around the collar and sleaves. She picked me out a nice gold/green quilted and bejeweled top, that cost $50! We had fun laughing at each other and wondering who thought we had shitty taste for carrying them around the store.

We went to 80's night, where I promptly kicked everyone's ass at silverstrike bowling. Just give up and live in the now people, you can't beat me. The sooner you accept it the happier you will be. We had some entertainment on smoke breaks (smoking ban is a huge crock of horse dookie) some drunk got stuck in the grass and the cops came to help and they got arrested I think. Classic.

The radio station was spose to be there but it was just one guy who you never saw. They didn't play that much good music this week, but who won the trivia contest? I did. I got 2 tshirts, and cups and hand sanitizer, and car air freshners from the radio station. I don't really remember the questions. I had some drinks. It was a good night. We stopped to get kat a slab of bacon. CP cooked me spaghetti. The night always ends good when you get your grub on.

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lyrics said...

I can cook more then spagettie. I can also cook macoroni. Macaroni is the best thing ever to cook at Mon's house. And of course I noticed that she forgot something, so I'll pat my own back...lol. I cleaned my mess in the morning. Never cook spagettie drunk.