"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bloody Wednesday...

I had the creepiest dream last night. I was up until 4 a.m. and again at 5, unable to sleep. I dreamt about my grandma's house being haunted. A bunch of people were staying there, one being the ex TWDSO, and his new girlfriend. I was seeing the boy I recently was with, and CP was there, my mom, my sister, and some strangers. Everyone had their heads chopped off like in the show Hero's. It was pretty disturbing. Me and the boy were last to be murdered, Friday the 13th style, while having sex. I couldn't get back to sleep after that. I was the only survivor. What the hell do you suppose that means?

You know CP never read my blog the entire time we were together, but he decides to read it now that there may be someone else to read about. Men. I dunno what I even want right now so I don't know how to react to how he has been acting. It's nice to have someone around that cares about you. I do require a lot of attention. But mostly, I think I'm destined to find a great job, and THEN worry about men.

I actually worked out yesterday. It felt good, I get Fit TV now that I have no cable channels, and I Tivo a lot of workouts. I learned some hip-hop dancing last night. I'm bout to tear it up on the dance floor some day.

Monday I put the tree up. CP came and helped me. The damn thing fell over face first and busted some bulbs. We put some weights on it to hold it up, and last night I'm watching TV yelling at Fizzgig, who I think is in the tree then she sits next to me. It's the tree falling centimeter by centimeter. I pushed the fuckign thing into the corner against the wall so it won't fall. A brand new string of lights is out also. My Christmas tree is cursed. Maybe it needs an exorcism. Also, there was a box of decorations chewed up by some type of rodent. He really liked Santa's beard.

I applied for a couple more jobs today. Story of my life. I still never heard back about that interview I went on. I figure it's not meant to be. I also applied to our electric company, that is one job I would really like to have.

Friday, I'm going to see Brett Michaels with Bethie. Be jealous!!! And Bubba told me some more about the guy she wanted to set me up with. It's a no-go kids. He is not only unemployed right now but he also has no car, and no place to live. Uhhhhhhh......thanks, but no thanks! I dated my share of dead beats. I'm so over it!


EC said...

A guy who is homeless, no job, and no car and you call this person a friend??? lol

R said...

Let me tell you about last year's cursed chrismas tree. We cut it ourselves from the tree farm. We put it in the van in the back (took out the third row seat). On our drive home it flew out of the van at 55 miles an hour. When we got it home, it fell 3 times in the course of 2 days, so we tied it to the end table. It dried up in two weeks, and by christmas it started to smell. There was not a needle left on the thing after we dragged it out to the street. They were all mashed into my rug, with smelly tree water. When we were dragging it out we noticed there was a birds nest in it.

Of course he's reading this now. Men don't care until you don't want them to care anymore.

You'll find the perfect job. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

supplymadam said...

Good luck with the electric company. That would be fantastic. I hope you get the right job and soon.
I solved my Christmas tree dilemna 2 years ago because the dog I used had this tradition of Christening the tree skirt every year. So I got me a 4 foot tree that sits on a table. My new dog has yet to pee in the house after 1-1/2 years. I'm thinking of getting a prelit one after this Christmas when they all are half off.

Janet said...

I just wrote about something like this on someone else's blog. They wrote all about being set up by friends. I said I'd be all for it if I were single and it came from my friends who had my best intentions. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, deadbeat setups being one of them.:)

bethie said...

Don't need nothin but a good time! I can't wait for Bret Michaels! The right job is waiting for you Mon. Try not to worry too much!

becca said...

how you doing girl! I am laughing about the tree. The visual was funny!

Anonymous said...

Well it was funny, but I did help her fix it. She still don't like it, but I think it looks great now. And as far as reading this, its not because you are seeing other people, Mon. I'm fine with that, its because being in a haze for so long I've missed out on alot. I'm trying to be a freind now. And in order to do that, it doesnt hurt to really know the person I'm friends with. I did used to be an "all-or-nothing" guy. But I hope over time you learn that I'm learning to cope with life for what it really is, a roller coaster ride, not a merry go round.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I'd say pass on that date. Good luck looking for a job. Dancing is great exercise, by the way! Something to think about next time you're out at the clubs.

Celina said...

I haven't convinced myself to dig out all the Christmas ornaments yet...it just seems like so much trouble this year...Maybe if we have family come visity next week, we can have them help too?
I've been having some crazy dreams the past couple of nights. I don't know what they mean, but they have been really, really weird!
I wish you all the best with your Job Hunting! I get so nervous just thinking about being out of a job next month! Good Luck!

Kentucky Girl said...

Your tree does sound, in fact, possessed. Maybe sprinkle some holy water or something on it. LOL

Mon said...

Well she did tell me the bad stuff, after she said she wouldn't hook me up with him. I guess she deserves some props!

wow, your tree saga sounds way worse than mine! A birds nest? that's classic! And yea, typical, they dont care until you dont want them to care!

a table top tree sounds much less involved thats for sure!

youre darn tootin it's a roller coaster. way more downs than ups.
uhhhh know how i know that im gay? I said darn tootin!

It is great exercise! I didn't feel a thing doing it, but the next day uhhh ouch! Thats the best kind of exercise, the kind that doesnt feel like it is.


I think the only safe way to meet people in this day and age is thru friends of friends. You just never know when someone is a psycho.

Thanks bethie. I'm trying to stay optomistic! Tonight is gonna rock!

Yea, the damn tree, The other one is broke too!

family help is perfectly acceptable! on the job front.....something has to come up eventually. Right?

Id have to go to church to get holy water. I might light on fire if i stepped foot in there its been so long!