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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Aging In Dog Years....

Back in 1996 I was 20, and my doggie was 1. Now I'm 30, and she's 70. In dog years, shit, I'd be 120. No wonder I have gray hair's!

Life is rough for us old gals. Little Hill had a trip to the vet last night, for a second opinion. Good thing too. She's had a hole/abscess under her left eye off and on for over a year. Her regular vet treated it twice and had me putting compresses on it when it came back, and it would go away for a while. He referred me to an opthomologist, thinking it was her 'bad eye' causing all the problems. It cost $400 to walk in the door, and a 6 month wait to see a specialist. Oh, and a 2 hour drive.

The hole came back, this time, with some pinkish snot from her left nostril. So, naturally, I think it's a tumor. I decided to take her to the bird and exotic specialty hospital, where I take my rabbits. I figured a second opinion is OK for people so why not pets? Having to explain all your 10 year old dogs ailments to a new vet is comical.

Vet: "What seems to be the problem?"

Me: "She has all sorts of problems. She's had ulcers on both eyes, and she's being treated for chronic dry eye"

M: "She also has chronic ear infections, sometimes those turn into yeast infections."

V:"has she always had this going on with her skin?"

M:"Yes, she also has skin allergies, and seborreah. "

When he opened her mouth he said right away that the problem was a tooth right under the spot. When I looked at it, I guess I could tell it is swollen. I'm a Dumbass. I told him that I was told it was her eye and he said he is pretty confident it's that tooth, she's got some gum disease and probably an abscess under there.

My poor dog has been walking around for a year with a stinking toothache. How horrible is that? She started slowing down and not playing and I thought she's just old! Little Hill is on antibiotics until she has her tooth pulled next Thursday. She's also getting the rest of them cleaned. She's gonna be a whole new dog. I feel awful that I didn't know what the problem was for this long. Oh yea, and it's gonna cost me almost $200. Um, did I mention I need a second job?

And now, the reason why I'll starve for a month, my adorable dog in her new Old Navy fleece lined jacket. You know you love it. (like a typical kid she would NOT look at the camera!)

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Tayray said...

Maybe Rocky Road was howling at Lil Billy Bear in her new coat last night, when he was outside!! ha ha

Suzi said...

Just think how fabulous she is going to feel when she wakes up from having her tooth pulled! Poor puppy. She's extremely cute in her stylish duds.

supplymadam said...

Aww that is too cute. I'm glad to hear when people take care of their pets. I hate when people say "Well it's only a dog" WTF?
They are expensive for sure. My dog had a tumor in his stomach and we didn't know until it was too late. He was 13. But when he first started acting funny we rushed him to the animal emergency clinic because it was Easter Sunday and the tumor had burst. How could we have known. He was eating and running and doing all the things he normally does until that day. He couldn't tell me he was uncomfortable. It's an animal's natural instinct not to look weak for fear of being preyed upon.
Anyway it cost us $1300 and we had no dog to show for it. 2 weeks later we got another and I am so glad because he is too funny. He will just plop himself on your lap or share your pillow and grab your shoe and if you don't see him take the shoe he will stand in front of you until you chase him. He loves that game but it exhauts me.

Janet said...

That dog is freakin adorable, no matter the age.

On a totally unrelated note, I didnt have you on my blogroll all this time? I didnt know! I usually visit you through comments and when Blogger went bonkers today I found out. Anyway, problem solved!:)

Kentucky Girl said...

Poor poochie! hope she's feeling better soon!

MzAriez said...

I am glad to hear that you have found the source of her problems. Many people don't realize have connected eyes, nose, and throat really are.

This will be relief for both of you.

Mon said...

You know he wants a peice. She's just a bitch like her momma.

I know! She'll be a whole new dog! Thank you. I think she's adorable too!

I hate that too. My pets are my kids. I get mad when people don't let them lay all over them. Namely, the man. That's too bad about your dog!! But I know, they dont show weakness, and then it makes us feel guilty.

Thank you. She is a cutie poop! I think like most women, she looks better with age. Gasp, the horror!! At least its fixed now ;) thank you!

Thank you!!

I know, now that I know what the problem is, I found numerous stories at the vet sites I visit, it's a common problem. I feel bad for cheating on my vet, but oh well. It turned out to be a good thing.