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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Black Smoke Texas Tea.....

I'm gonna get right to Lost. Go to ****** Below, cus this has got spoilers.

MMM...Ok so right off the bat, I'm gonna say it. Can you believe they killed Mr. Eko? I surely thought that by a survivor will die, they meant one of those two dumbass characters they have had on latley. What a way to go too, death by smoke monster. Who was his brother when he 'confessed?' The smoke monster. It is really freaky that the dead people on this island....are walking and talking isn't it? Sort of like people who meet you to 'cross over' if you ask me. Only...they aren't so friendly. The smoke monster is definatly taking form of people, and things that mean something to the losties. Still, what it is remains to be seen. Some say it is cerebrus, the 3 headed dog guardian of the underworld. Since, 'cerebrus' was seen on the door in the ultra violet writing in the hatch.

Who else has a weird connection on the island, that shouldn't be there? Hurley has Dave, Jack has his dad, and Kate has the black horse. I'm not sure if we would include Sawyer and the boar or not? "You're next". Um. I'm not liking that statement. Except when Locke was taken by the monster last year, he claims it was beautiful, and bright white. He told the losties "let me go, I'll be alright" when it tried to take him. Nothing like Eko's dark, full of death images, smoke monster.

I watched the monster in slow-mo to check for images like last season, and I saw nothing. Looks like the dead were walking this time. I think Eko's first encounter it read his mind. Remember how he stared the monster down last season, and it showed all those images? This time, they were brought to life, and it scared him. Eko's dead. Motherfucker.

The next huge bombshell of the night, was Juliette warning Jack about Benry. Us fans get some sort of acknowledgement for noticing that she looks just like his ex-wife which we knew wasn't a mistake, and now we know...it isn't. But why? Remains to be seen. Juliette seems to be nice, and wants Jack to kill Benry during his spinal surgery. I think Juliette purposly put those X-rays of Benry's spine on the board for Jack to see. Shit, Colleen was already dead, so who cares if she takes an extra few minutes to put them up?

What if Benry is suppose to be like Jesus? They think he is evil, and beat him, and do all these horrible things, and he still is kinda ok with it. He hasn't gone crazy yet. Maybe if he dies on the table, he comes into his true form of a spirit or something? I dunno, but that guy just irks me. He isn't going anywhere, and something's off with him.

But one thing we know on this island, nothing is as it seems. Could Juliette be the bad one? And, how on earth do they know what Jack's wife looks like anyways? Remember when Benry said they wanted to make Jack trust them? I think maybe this is just a test, like he said. They want him to trust Juliette, by the messages she had on that tape. And, it seems like he does. Poor Jack, you better not be next.

And still, who are the others? It seems like the Losties were suppose to die, and survived. Sort of like in that movie Final Destination. "You can't cheat death" it comes for you. And maybe it's coming for all of them like Eko said. Are the others angels? Demons? If they were, they surely wouldn't need spinal surgery. Right?


In other news. CP starts counseling today. Hope they can knock some damn sense into him. He also found out that he'll make more than me at his new job after 90 days. I make pretty good money, after 7 years with a company. If he leaves a job that starts him out at that, there is no hope for him at all. I told him, if he wants to quit, to get me his freaking job first.

I'm having zero luck on the job front. I applied at Old Navy, Target, Kohls, Yankee Candle, and two office jobs. No word. Bastards. I gave tara the link to apply to Old Navy and guess who has an interview? Well, it isn't me! I can't believe this crap, all I want is a second job dammit! I need some money. Everyones gonna have a sucky Christmas this year.

*sigh* The cute guy that taught aerobics quit. So did the other girl that taught the same class. No more eye candy at the gym. No more singing 'hungry like a wolf'.

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Just Expressing Myself said...

No eye candy? Say It Ain't So.
Thanks for checking out my 13.
I never saw The Restaurant show, so I don't know if that is the same sign. The restaurant is in Soho. I love beat up old neon signs - they have such character.
Waving at you from NYC,