"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 17, 2006

I Didn't Get Drunk Yesterday...

Well, like my friend Katie said, when you play the lottery it gives you something called hope for a while. That's what a job interview does too. I have an interview Monday, at a garage door company. I got this through a temp service, but they are looking to hire. Sounds like an office manager position, and my counselor said the person I'll interview with is excited to meet with me. Keep your fingers crossed. It's enough money to survive on, and after my contract with the temp service runs out (about 3 months) I would probably make more. I'll know more Monday. I have hope.

My counselor called me an hour ago to see how the interview went. I think my heart stopped beating for a full minute. I said...."It's Monday". Way to scare the shit out of someone. She said she will see what else she can get me into also. She's the only one doing anything for me, the other agencies suck balls. This one, is the one that got me the job I was let go from. Bastards.

Wednesday I went to Katie's and she helped me write a pretty damn good application letter for the university. We had a lot of laughs. Especially since her son, is following in Auntie Mon's footsteps and taking off his clothes when company comes over. (Mom says I never kept my clothes on I can't imagine that) He thought it was hilarious to wipe his butt on me and run off laughing. I said it seems like a symbol for my life.

Yesterday I took a bath. This is monumental, as I have spent much of my time crying, watching Tyra, and feeling sorry for myself. Living in squallar and filfth. After I got cleaned up I felt a little better and I cleaned. Cleaned! It felt good to be productive, so today I am going to get back into working out. A week off is enough. I've lost 5lbs. Stress. I think God is solving all my problems at once. Work, relationship, weight. Why not. I just love to take on so much.

I waited until about 4 yesterday to change CP's phone number to give the phone to my brother. He never called me, so I figured what does he need a phone for? I have to think of myself here, though to me, it sounds selfish. My brother says he can afford the phone, and it'll be nice to be able to call him other than when he is working. When CP finally did call me, he was a dick about my changing the number and giving it away. I said it's pretty fucking rude of you to expect me to pay for you to have a phone, I'm unemployed. Maybe I'll wise up some day and figure out what is going on with us. Right now, I don't want to.

My dog had her surgery yesterday. $170 on the credit card. Ugh. I worried all day because I couldn't afford the pre-anesthesia testing on her liver, so I thought she would die during the procedure. My poor girl got her back tooth pulled, teethed cleaned and polished, and whined the whole way home from the vet. The nasty hole under her eye that had healed from the antibiotics, is back in double overtime. Oozing puss to cover her entire smushy face. I have to clean it every couple hours. Good thing I'm off of work.

Talked to unemployment. I don't qualify until mid-January. The good thing about this is, I will make enough to get by. So, if worse comes to worse, I won't be destitute. It makes me feel just a little better. Just a little. I still will be doing something mindless, and think "fuck, I'm unemployed".

Embaressment of the week, is that my ex-coworker sent home a bunch of stuff for me with Tayray from my desk. Stuff I thought I got already. She burned all my pics for me to CD. I'm happy for that, but there were some pictures I wouldn't want the boss to see. Like, drunken pictures. This is a lesson to me, to not be so comfortable, at the next job. And my proudest accomplishment for the week is...I didn't get drunk yesterday. It seemed to be a daily occurence there for a few days.


Becca said...

I hope the interview goes well. Remember to be confident and they will love you!

Tayray said...

Good Luck with the interview, smile lots!!!
Ohh and btw, aint nuttin wrong with drinking everyday and getting a nice calm buzz to relax you.

Bianca said...

*hug* Glad you got an interview. I know how much unemployment sucks. It's absolutely frightening.

supplymadam said...

Kepping my fingers crossed for you. All the best on Monday.
My neigbor went on vacation 2 weeks ago and when she got home she found a box on her front steps with all the stuff from her desk in it. How rude !

Kentucky Girl said...

Hang in there! And hey, at least you're losing weight, right? heh

Meems said...

Sheesh. This is what happens when you don't read blogs regularly--you miss everything.

Sorry about your job. Huggages to you. I'll kick their asses if you want me to. I may be fat and knocked up, but I'll still stab a hoe.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm sure you'll find a job that makes you happy [it just may take longer than you'd like.]

Now, why is that song "I got 5 on it" stuck in my head? ;)

Just Expressing Myself said...

Ohmigosh I haven't had a chance to check in for a few days, and look what you've been going through. As a matter of fact I was working on pic that I posted in my blog just for you, and I was just coming to tell you to check it out.
Sending you my best good vibes and healing vibes for you doggy.

Mon said...

I think I did pretty good BSing the guy! thanks for the luck!

I wouldnt expect less than support for my alchol problem lol.

Thank you! I am pretty terrified 99% of the time.

Yea, now thats rude! I might have to burn that joint down!

exactly! I'm not even working out. Thinking of all the 5 day workouts and not losing shit, and now I'm doing nothing and losing weight. Stress is good for something!

I know, at the drop of a hat, your life can change! I wish I had 5 on it! i could really go for that right about now!

I'll come by to check it out! Thank you!