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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Night of the Living Fluff...

Did you all know that Evil Dead is now a musical? No? Neither did I. They were on The View on Halloween. Isn't that pretty cool? Of course, it's a pretty stupid movie, but you have to appreciate the humor in it. And I've been keeping an eye on Horrorfest since they announced it at the Texas Chainsaw movie. Ummm, wtf. Tickets were to go on sale on Halloween. Now, they say 'soon'. Is this going to happen or what? I really want to go to this.

I love horror movies. When I think back, it started in my pre-teens. With movies like "Dolly Dearest", "Dolls" "Chucky" "Puppet Master", "Leprechaun". The general idea is, your toys are your enemy, and people who want to do you harm are either under the bed, or your very best stuffed friend.

When I was little, before 8 years old I was terrified of scarey things. What I can't recall, is the reason that I was terrified of my stuffed friends that young. I can remember having to go to before everyone else. Upstairs. Alone. I had a hutch with all of my stuffed animals on it right beside my bed. I thought they were going to suck my blood like crazed vampire animals. I wouldn't sleep without my neck covered. I'd stare at them, and wait for them to come to life. You know how if you listen to the quiet long enough, you think you hear things? Same with staring at objects. They would move. Ever so slightly. Having an older brother, and sister, I blame them. After all, they were the ones who made 'the boogey man' a reality to me. Assholes.

I would scream. And cry. And eventually, say, my sister would come upstairs to 'rescue me'. I'm thinking that my parents probably made her do it, and she wasn't as excited about it as I thought when I was little. What do you think she did when I was terrified? Tried to comfort me, by giving me a stuffed animal. THE VERY THING THAT TERRIFIED ME. She told me they would protect me, but they didn't. They wanted to eat me!

I have also always been afraid of thunder and lightning. My parents made me believe that that stupid palm we got on Palm Sunday, was going to keep the storms from getting me. Why do parents and siblings lie to you?

I don't remember when I grew out of that phase, but I do remember passing it on to my good friend Stephanie's little sister. We told her that when she slept, her toys came to life. It made her scream and cry. That's called tradition.


supplymadam said...

Isn't it amazing how our young imaginations got carried away? I remember at night I used to hear footsteps coming up my basement stairs ans many years later realized it was my heartbeat I was hearing because I used to sleep on my stomach and the sound of it sounded like footsteps.And we can't forget the boogyeman that only dwelled under our beds when we went to sleep.

Lindsey said...

what no lost update??

Mon said...

I know what you mean with the heartbeat so loud. I use to hear that while waiting for my toys to attack me.

I might not have mentioned I'm pretending I dont like Lost for 16 weeks or I'll go insane.