"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Titleless Post...

Firstevly, Go here and enter to win a contest! I love contests! Someone has to win and that could be you! You can win the pictured necklace! While you are there you may find you want to buy some jewelry, you didn't think you would buy! I am going to buy "laugh" because I love this message! Now, go and enter! All you have to do is look!

They canceled that incentive trip to Mayacoba at work due to the pig flu. Honestly, I pictured the outbreak like, in the crappy areas where people live in boxes in Mexico. Not the fancy resort areas.

I witnessed this box living a few miles from where my ex husband and I were on our Shitheadmoon (can't call it a honeymoon when he isnt my honey) in Cancun. We ran out of money, and had to have my Mom and sister wire us some. The trip to pick it up was a memorable one. They live in boxes with carpets for roofs. And we went back to our air conditioned hotel room with marble floors, and free bottles of alchohol. America really is the land of opportunity, you can't blame them for wanting to come over. Though I think it should be done legally. (that's another story)

Cancun! Oh how I wish I would have went with someone I loved, instead of someone I thought I should marry in order to start a family by 25. My how things have changed! I thank the universe for knowing better what I needed than I did!

Is anyone else worried that we are catching animal sicknesses? Remember that book Animal Farm? We had to read it in school. I always knew they could talk, it's probably their way of taking over the world, first birds, then pigs, next cows. Except, I really think cows are adorable. It makes me cry when they show them with mad cow disease on the news. It literally pains my heart. So, instead of cows, flu, can you infect snakes? I could kill a zombie snake I think!

What scares me worse than some flu, is that flesh eating bacteria. Saw it again on Oprah yesterday. A woman lost her whole side of her body cus she cut her finger with a chef's knife! Eeek.

I havn't lost weight latley. But Kat sent me a picture last night of me 2 years ago (before losing 72lbs) and ummmmm....besides being horrified that I thought I looked cute, I remembered that I have made progress, and it's taken 2 years. Patience. I just want to lose 20 more. Isn't the last 20 the hardest? Ugh.

Rest assured though, I am still doing my 50 minutes at lunch treadmill/eliptical, sometimes both, and a couple days a week walking after work. I also added core work/weights 3 days a week with the balance ball, which I can already tell the difference in my balance. I'm getting there. I just have to get my food right.

It's hard to balance working out and eating, because you have to eat more when you work out, or you're always hungry. And that leads to eating 4 bananas a day and while this may sound good, they are high in calories and sugar. If you don't feed the hunger, you don't lose weight, despite working out 2 hours a day. IF you eat too much, you don't lose weight cus you had too many calories. Sometimes I want to scream and give up. But then a friend sends you a fat picture, and you remember why you are doing it.

P.S. Maybe if you think about me losing 10lbs I will? Anyone? Help?


Mike said...

Not to mention that bananas are really bad for your teeth. Hang in there, kid, and you'll reach that goal. And, the exercise is doing other good things for you, too, beside the weight loss.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for entering and blogging about the contest! Come back and visit soon!

Amandaaa said...

i'll definitely be thinking
about you losing those 10lbs.

i hope my thoughts reach you
and it happens!

lbluca77 said...

The last little bit of weight is always the hardest. It is like it has seperation issues from your body.

Children of the Nineties said...

I saw that Oprah thing too, it was pretty terrifying.

And 2 hours a day is amazing. I put in my 45 minutes and congratulate myself for going. Sounds like you're on the right track--good luck!

insomniaclolita said...

It's so hard balancing that too. I hate the hungry feeling when I work out everyday too. :/

ps. Ohhh Cancun is ahmazinggg!! I hate the swine flu epidemic so much right now. Travel warning?

Erin said...

Oprah freaked me out... I got a paper cut the very next day and totally washed my hands like I was going to wash them right off my body... I can't watch those shows anymore, lol.

And shitheadmoon??? LMAO!!!! That is classic :-)