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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Comparibly So...

Yesterday I mentioned in my post how I spent some time at home enjoying nature and peace, and beauty, and then went to Cleveland to see my manfriend, and saw a crack head. This is odd for me, because I come from such a different place. I think the kids around my parts smoke salvia and huff window cleaner or something.

Here are some statistics as to the differences in my small town, and the big city where my manfriend lives. In the city's defense, its like 400 times bigger, so theres more that can happen, right?

In my small town, there are 5,054 people.
In Cleveland, there are 478,403
I'm not good at math, but the calculator says, that's 473,349 more people in the big city. I don't like people all that much.

My towns average income is $45,359 a year.
Cleveland's is $28,512

My town's 97% white 3% other
Cleveland is 50% black, 41% white, and whatever percent other.

Ok, similarity...
My towns average age is 33.9
Cleveland's is 33.0

My town's average rapes in the past 4 years is 0
Clevelands, is 33 per year.

My town's average break in's per year, is 14 (which I suspect is people leaving their doors unlocked)
Cleveland's is 813. Per year.

That didn't include general larceny, or car thefts. That's in the thousands, compared to 4 per year where I live.

I don't advocate leaving your place open but I don't feel unsafe to walk around the woods behind my house. Or to go to the park by myself. Or sleep with my windows open, alone. People are considerate when you are out and about, and don't walk in the street in front of your car. The kids respect you. You can still get ice cream down the street for $1.25, and drum roll please.......WE GOT A SONIC! Booooom!

It's a completely different vibe. I think that's why me and the manfriend get along so well, we're different enough, yet similar enough at the same time. And, going to each other's houses is like a whole other world, he says its like vacation.

Speaking of that manfriend, last night he told me I was the cutest most delicious thing that ever happened to him. I like to be a good thing that happens to people. This is the first time I've ever been happy so long with someone. I mean, grossely, sickingly happy, and attracted to someone! 19 months! As I tell my cats, one day we'll all live happily ever after, and I wont have to leave them on the weekends.

We got some communication about that swine flu at work. Theres an "incentive" trip to Mexico in 2 weeks. Mind you, I didn't win, and I'm not sad about it. All those jerks are gonna bring back the Porky flu! So we were assured the "pandemic committee" at work met about it and it's perfectly safe. It's never a good sign when your work has a pandemic committee and they find it necessary to call a meeting..um, what the hell?


Mike said...

Hmm, I live back in a small town again and I've had more trouble with people being assholes than I ever did in NYC. Angry rednecks in pickup trucks are funny. I feel much safer in the city.

Amandaaa said...

i love small towns. as much as
i love the big city, something
about a small town is comforting!

oh sonic...we finally got one, too.
but it's sort of still far away.

insomniaclolita said...

I live in the big city but I enjoy trips to small towns, so many things to see :)

LiLu said...

I am so damn jealous of your Sonic! We miss out on all the best fast food here in DC...

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

what the fuck you doing dissing my city?!?!?

we are fighting. ha.

Anonymous said...

My random comments:

Googled for 'city population 5054 ohio' - Bexley, Ohio.

I went to school in Cleveland...there are so few blog mentions of Cleveland anywhere. Cleveland Rocks !

Erin said...

Remind me never to move to Cleveland! Not that I had this big urge before, but seriously, now I really don't want to!

Sounds like you live in a great little town!

And p.s. I'm not so sure it is all that safe to travel to Mexico in 2 weeks... but that is just what I heard on the news which is certainly doing their share to blow the whole thing out of proportion as usual!

Damsel Underdressed said...

Another thing about Cleveland...

Number of GOOD football teams... 0.

;) Just sayin'.

Fizzgig said...

I heard that, some of them are too hickish, and remind me of a bad horror movie, like wrong turn!

I like small. The only thing I don't like, is being far away from things.

both have their good and bad points.

ha ha ha! I know, it took forever for us to get one, yet we saw the yummy commercials all the time!

Well if it weren't for cleveland I wouldn't get to see my future husband Edwin McCain each year =)

Bexley...hmmm that's 2 hours south of me, which would make my trips to cleveland almost 3 hours! That's long distance! 45 min is enough for me and the manfriend!

Cleveland has a lot of nice things too. But it's not north carolina.

I agree. lol. Even if I'm not from PA! But I hate sports period.