"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I learned some valuable vaginal information on The Doctors. Like, that now you can safely dye your "betty" with products made specifically for that. Eh, I just shave it. But I remember being terrified when my mom and sister told me your pubes turn gray! What kind of sick shit is that?

This weekend my manfriend came to my neck of the woods. We went to the neighbors on Saturday and hung out. I had some MGD 64 which was awesome, and...hello? 35 calories less than my old lite favorite, bud select. I can enjoy beer again, and only 2 carbs! I love whoever invented this, and if they want to marry me, perfect, because they are probably rich too.

Except for I'm in love with someone else. Dammit. You know what he said to me this weekend? "you'll always be beautiful". We were talking about getting older and all the surgery I wanted to get. I swear he makes me tear up so much I can't stand it. He always tells me sweet things like that. And it gets me every time.

Oh, anyhoo...what calories I saved with beer, I more than made up for with food. I have decided not to weigh in this friday for fear I may go into cardiac arrest! I had chocolate, TWO kinds of potatos, lots of bread, and cheese, and fake ribs (which were pretty good) so I'm off weight loss for the week. I'm looking to get back to where I probably was before Easter happened.

Know what sucks about not eating healthy? You feel bloated. Like even my eyes are bloated. My fingers are bloated, and my stomach is bloated. And you wonder why you did it...for like two seconds because I know why I did it. The freaking food was delicious!

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