"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anything with an Itis is bad...

So on and off I keep getting this horrible pain in the side of my foot. Mostly it's on but sometimes it's blazing hot. Last Friday I had to keep taking breaks from cleaning to rest it on ice. Well as any smart American would do, I googled it,in an attempt to self diagnose.

I found a chart of foot pain, linked to a break down by area, and the only things noted in the specific area I am having pain (on the outside, NOT the inside/arch area) is tendonitis. (or a ruptured tendon) OR it could be a stress fracture, as the pain is also on top between my toes and top of foot.

Exciting excerpt for people who care:

It is a tendon that is used to stabilize the foot during the gait cycle. The problem occurs where the tendon makes the sharp turn. As the tendon moves it slides across the bone (cuboid) and therefore can be easily irritated. Of course this can happen in athletic people, also in people who do a lot of walking on hard surfaces. The one common denominator that most people do not realize is the shoe that they are wearing.


We're back to shoes?

I swear to the stars, I am going to go broke buying shoes. I buy expensive shoes, a couple months later, I have to get more. Why hasn't someone invented a shoe that lasts longer. 20 miles a week doesn't seem like many miles at all. How do triathletes, or distance runners do on shoes? Is there a secret someone should share with me?

I'm like, frugal. I save tins and containers cus some day I might use them. I have a ton of half empty shampoo and hand soap bottles cus one day I'll run out of shampoo and need to consolidate them (which when I lost my job, I totally did!) So, I can't see throwing away shoes that look perfectly new.

As a result, I'm acquiring quite a collection of useless, yet still stylish looking sneakers. I did bring some to work during earth week to recycle for the kids playgrounds. (cus you know how I care about the kiddies!) What else do you do with them? They are broken, so you can't really give them to people, cus then they'll get tendonitis too and probably sue me.

Injured. Down for the count. Manfriend (who...mind you is a cute paramedic..) gave me a hard time about it, after he set me up with my elevated foot, and ice pack and said you can tell its fractured cus its swollen. (cute) Then he said that even though I don't think a stress fracture is a big deal, that if you leave a windshield alone, the crack gets bigger.

Then I argued that unlike windshields, bones have the ability to heal.

Then he said I didn't want to be crippled when I get older, and he made me promise to call the Dr. Ugh. I hate the Dr. I guess until then I'm going to ride the stationary bike as a workout. There isn't a working TV for the stationary bike. Which makes working out less appealing. I don't like to admit defeat.

I promised the manfriend. Now I'm in deep shit. I'm a horrible liar. So....I have to go.

P.S. Speaking of Dr.'s 19 days until I go to the dentist. Help. Me.


Erin said...

Hey now... I was pretty much right on target! I said hairline fracture... it is probably a stress fracture, close enough!

But yes, before you officially diagnose yourself you really do need to go to the doctor's - especially since you promised manfriend and all :-)

Sure hope it feels better soon!

Mike said...

Yeah, you might better just go to the foot doc and not speculate. There's so many things that can go wrong with a foot.

Rachel said...

Love the quote! I'll have to remember that next time my feet start screaming at me on a long run. Sorry your feet hurt. I had something like that before. It was actually due to a twisted ankle. Have you tried stretching your peroneals?

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Ow! Yeah, your injury is likely what you diagnosed...that or it's worse and your foot is going to fall off! Get thee to a Dr. NOW. Seriously, it will heal and as for shoes, runners/triathletes go through those puppies like they are nothing. Now, if you switch to cycling only (hint, hint), you pay $150 for a pair of Sidis that last for five years. Of course, you have to spend $$$ on a bike to begin with so I guess in the long run, it's about the same expense. ;-)