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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Any Pranksters Get Pranked?...

I don't get into the spirit of April Fool's day. My dad died on april fools day, and I wished it was a joke. But I can't shake the feeling that it still may be a joke. I think he's on an island with Tupac and Biggie Small's. I know for those of you who knew my dad....knows he wouldn't be caught dead on an island with rappers. Or, in a foreign car.

So, I don't pull pranks and I kinda find it annoying when people do it to me. On april fool's that is. I use to pull some office doozies. You know, taking all the insides out of someones pens, taking the phone and put it on someone's computer screen, and make a rainbow that lasted for days. I don't know if the new LCD monitors prevent this, or if it's a change in the phones, but I miss it. I also miss the mouse ball being replaced with laser mice, because it was fun to remove the ball.

My favorite all time prank pulled on a coworker, I did to my neighbor back when we worked together. I figured out her password one day which was something like "Rocky" (her dog's name) and I took a screen shot of her desktop, and saved it as a jpeg.

Then I went into her desktop and changed her picture to the picture of her desktop. Only she couldn't click on any icons, or her start button because it was just a picture of them. I think this was my most brilliant prank, because she got really pissed off, and couldn't figure out what was wrong.

What's your best prank?


Mike said...

That computer icon trick is a good one. I'm glad I heard it about before anybody ever did that to me. I would have been so pissed with my computer.

Erin said...

LOL - That was very creative and funny!!

I have really not gotten pranked in my life, nor am I a prankster. My friends know that I really don't find humor in that kind of stuff, and I'm not creative to think of anything fun! LOL - I'm not usually this boring, but when it comes to April Fools I am :-)

heather said...

i'm not a big april fools fan either. but, i do like the whole "control, alt, down key" to make the computer screen turn upside down.