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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mish Mash...

Remember when pagers were cool? My friends and I would page each other all sorts of numbered messages. Then it would take forever to "decode" them. It's like the early American "Pilgrem" version of texting. Did anyone else do that? We were so innovative.

843-2442536-47-46-843-227538 = The Chicken is in the Basket. (which I'm pretty sure was one of those stupid phrases we had to write out in short hand in school, along with "meet me in Reno". For some reason, the people in our business packets always went to Reno)

Ok, so I just posted about pagers, and taking an actual shorthand class in school. Next I may talk about how I had to walk to school in the snow. (Which, I actually did do...)
That reminds me. Manfriend told me in the city they didn't have buses. Or, rode the Metro! What? We had yellow buses that took us to school. City life seems so cruel.

I got a call yesterday, for CP. Not from him. For him. Why on earth someone is calling my PRIVATE cell phone number looking for that dickwad is beyond me. We've been broken up over 2 years. Hello?

I saw an old woman on the price is right (shocker) who had my name. I always tried to picture me old, like, my name doesn't sound like an old person's name. Weird.

Speaking of names. Someone with my last name friended me on Facebook. It turns out we are not even related. This is completely strange because I have such an unusual name. Hint: it ends in ski and it's polish. There aren't many of us out there.
It's been nice the past couple of days. This means, assholes in my neighborhood find it necessary to ride their 100 times louder than a harley dirtbikes in the woods behind my house until at least 9pm. I debated last night whether I hated that more until 9...or city noise (traffic, ambulance, fire, ghetto folk yelling at each other at the bus stop, loud buses...etc) more. Last night it was the dirbike that won because I just wanted to take a nap.

Reason 234,897 not to have kids. I love naps.
Reason 458,589 not to have kids they may have dirtbikes and annoy me
I got these in the vending machine yesterday. This may be why I gained 3lbs this week. Ugh. Chocolate covered pop rocks, I can vouch for being delicious!

I had to go pick up my birth control at planned parenthood last night. I've yet to have another exam at the real gyno (now that I have insurance) so I can get my script anywhere, because well...exams aren't fun and one per year is plenty. Am I right ladies? Point of this story is, I got a $10 discount on my birth control from the stimulus package. GO OBAMA! Say what you want but if I get something out of this deal, I'm loving it!
I'm going to a party at my manfriends on Saturday. He said on the invitation they will be playing cornhole. I despise when people say cornhole. I am going to start an anti cornhole movement. It's a disgusting word, that refers to your crapper, not a backyard game. It's called BEAN BAG TOSS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME! Gawd. You didn't play CORNHOLE in kindergarten! Look up cornhole in the urban dictionary. Yea. Not cool.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I can not belive you still have that shorthand page! I tried reading some of it and had a hard time. I think a really big O is an A. Right?


Mike said...

I heard about that about that Cornhole game on the Internet before. Polish horseshoes is the best game for a BBQ.

Damsel Underdressed said...

This post seriously just cracked me up! Too funny...

Life On Edge. said...

yeah the noise is really a biig reason not to have kids for me too... I love silence - I love silence when I want it. (I love loud music when I decide it too, but hey, that's my choice... pff I am selfish, period).

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

chocolate covered pop rocks? really? Since when? and where do I buy them. sorry, I had a comment on the rest of your blog entry but got sidetracked. I'd weigh 400 pounds if they sold those candies in my grocery store!

Erin said...

I have never heard of cornhole... but I guess that's a good thing :-)

That shorthand is awesome! I never learned... it was hard enough learning pig latin!!

oday ouyay owknay igpay atinlay?