"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting The Last Word...

While at the Speedway, buying my nightly jug of carlo rossi sangria, and cigarettes, I got carded. "OMG, you look so much younger than this, I'm sorry"

I said "that's OK, I just got dumped so you made my night"

She pretended to care, when I told her thats why I needed the wine and cigarettes, I was having trouble sleeping.

When I walked out of the gas station, I realized...I'm becoming my mother. I always hated when she told strangers unsolicited bits of information.

After that I went to Moms to check my OK Cupid account. I met exmanfriend there, and despite his recent crazy episodes, I was the happiest in that relationship than I ever was with anyone. You just have to weed out some nutjobs. Some take 3 years to emerge....

There, in my matches, was exmanfriend. That sonofobitch. With a picture I TOOK of him at MY APARTMENT. Classy! Of course we were 85% match, and until my profiles done the highest I can get is 85%. So, I decided to read his profile. You know you would too.

Total bullshit. I figured he needed some help so I sent him this message, the subject was "mileage".

"You should probably change your mileage preferences, so you don't turn up in profiles of girls that live 31 miles away (you know we lived too far apart to continue our 3 yr relationship) Also, you probably shouldn't pretend you know what you are doing, and what you want (says he's in school....he isnt) And, you might want to add your cat to the list of things you can't live without, since she's a deal breaker.

You should also probably block me.

Oh, my Mom says hi"

Um, yea so if you havn't read the break up letter he left me, its 2 posts down. Which explains why this was necessary.

Everything he wanted in his profile, he had with me. Which makes him an even BIGGER DOUCHE than I ever thought possible.

I swear he is going to be one of those dillholes that marries the next girl that comes along "to prove they aren't committment phobes". I cried for a week when my ex husband got remarried. It had been something like six years after the fact. And he was horrible to me.

This...will really....really hurt.


sazza said...

Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! I love the message you sent him. Total class!

Fizzgig said...

thank you! seriously though...you end a relationship and your looking for one? they should make academy awards for regular people! hes a super actor!

heather said...

love the message you sent! especially the "mom says hi" part.

that's pretty tacky of him to use a picture you took from your apartment.

i know it would hurt like hell if he does go out of his way to prove he's not a commitment phobe, but remember that you deserve so much better, and you'll find it!

Andhari said...

Your message is great! He deserves it! I can't believe he used that picture :/

Teena in Toronto said...

I think you are taking it better that you did the last time. This time you are keeping your power and getting angry. You go, Girl!