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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One is a Lonley Number...

Well, I'm back to work after the big move. I got almost everything out of the old place. Lots to take to the curb to trash still.

As soon as the truck backed into my new driveway two kids came running over from across the street wanting to help. You may think, how nice, but for someone who doesn't love kids, I thought great! Just like stray cats if you're nice to them they wont go away. They then tried selling broken box fans to my friends. Luckily they havn't come back.

I don't feel settled, I'm still living in boxes. My first night in the apartment, my dog fell down the steps and broke a bone in her foot. Sunday night I got violently ill around 2 am and spent the next 6 hours puking and pooing, and worrying about my dog that I couldn't take to emergency since I had to pay two rents for December.

I stopped throwing up in the morning, and got my dog to the regular vet, she's got a splint on, and hopefully it works because I can't afford xrays or surgery. How depressing.

I've been super lonley in my new place. Which is weird because I'm use to being alone all the time, and nothings changed there. Maybe its not having cable and being connected to the "real world?"

I really love it, I have so much space, and my kitchen table looks so dinky in my huge dining room. I have enough stuff in my kitchen for three kitchens. My Mom helped me put stuff away and wash dishes. But I need more storage.

Have to call the landlord today because they couldn't hook up my washer/dryer, i guess some valves are missing and there isn't a plug for the washer. That's fabulous.

I don't feel fabulous physically. I'm sore from throwing up. I am however going to go home for lunch and check on my puppy. It's nice that I can do that now!

I hope to have everything at my old apartment done this weekend so I can start living life again.

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Damsel Underdressed said...

Check local ads and garage sales for a buffet or other type of storage cabinet to put in your huge dining room. Then you can put kitchen things that you don't use as often in there. I keep all of my dishes in mine.

And if you are lonely and can't email, give me a call! I'll chat with you. :)