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Monday, June 16, 2008

Vacation..Five Weeks and Counting...?

I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just kinda down. You know, like when you're on vacation and you have to come back to the real world? That's me. I spent the whole weekend with my bundle of cuteness. A.k.a my manfriend. You know, that boy. Sigh.

Friday I went up to his neck of the woods after work. We hit up this bar with his brother, and his new girlfriend. But, she's not his girlfriend yet. You know, his new lady friend. I'm actually so busy at work I worked until 6 and didn't work out on Friday. Didn't love that. Oh well. We had lots of drinks at the bar, we weren't driving! When we got back around 3 am, that cute boy made us breakfast. I kept telling him that he made me nuts cus he's so adorable, and he was quick to tell me that if I had a complaint I should put it in his complaint jar. So I spent the time while he cooked writing him complaint notes. You know, like, why are you so hot that you distract my thoughts. That sorta thing. Grrr. We wound up making some sort of ruckuss that needs no explanation. I got up about 7 am (we finished breakfast and such around 5 am) and the front door was hanging opened. I told the boy it seems like his brother left in a hurry. I can't say that I'm embaressed.

Saturday we went to his Mom's for a bit. I met her cats. She has a persian and a himalayan. I happen to be partial to the persians, you know, since I have them too. Eeek! We trucked it back to my house because we had a couple parties to go to. It was heather's mans birthday at the bar, so we showered and headed out there. It was a good time! We had a talk about this boy and girl we know that are totally in love, but are afraid to move forward with things. We kinda felt bad for them and decided that it was because they'd both been hurt a lot. We think they should stop being such chicken shits and get on with it. But, it's easy for us to say, we're on the outside looking in. I think you know, that we knew this couple pretty well.

After the bar, we went to Tayray's friends for her birthday celebration. I jumped on the trampoline with her, and 2 days later my legs are still killing me. I laughed so much though, it was a good time. Tayray kept doing "flips" but she threw herself forward and rolled. It was classic! There was a dog there that me and the boy secretly wanted to steal. Shhh..

Sunday I made breakfast and we handled some business you know...and went back out to Cleveland to hang with his Dad for Father's day. He let me borrow his Dad. It was still sorta sad not having my own around, but it was nice to be with my guy and feel loved. They cooked out.....well the boy did and his dad supervised. But it all worked out. They harassed me cus I'm picky. I didn't eat much of the chicken cus it was on the bone, and like the whole back end of one. And it had skin. So I picked at it. I am not nearly as picky as my boyfriend, who doesn't eat one vegetable to speak of.

Last night I got home really late. It stormed something feirce. I especially missed snuggling up with my guy, who I got to spend two nights and three days with. Siiiigh But I did have a really nice dream that me and that boy got married. It's the second one I had, at the beach. The first time was more detailed, but this one was just as sweet. I don't mind them, because I wake up happy, and look forward to the day it's a reality. Did I say that!? Holey shit!

P.S. These people are total assholes! I bet they'd never give up their pillow to a cat! Theyd probably eat its eyeballs out and then fry it's tongue up with some ramon. I'm sorry, I think animal cruelty is disgusting. This culture is infamous for it. Their pretty mean to their human-kind too.

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Erin said...

I'm so not reading that link because I just don't want to see it - but that sucks just thinking about it :(

Glad you had such a kick ass weekend!!!