"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I feel like that book left behind. Only, I don't believe in that sorta thing. Unless left behind means aliens swooped down and snatched up everyone but me. Nobody's blogging. I mean one or two people are. But I need my daily dose of people's lives. So many people gave it up. So many people havn't posted for weeks. You would think they went and got lives or something, and the rest of us suck for blogging. Whatever. My life's not interesting but at least I have the decency to blog about how uninteresting it is. C'mon people. Help a girl out!

I get to go to Planned Parenthood on Thursday. Hold the jealousy. Remember how it was on national vagina day. I think any day I'm involved with a vagina so is everyone else. It's not really about my vajayjay either, it's about birth control. I waited too long to send in my order for scripts, so now I have to truck it down there in person and get them. It's such a humiliating experience. And it takes forever. And, I have to see the 50 billion teenagers my hard earned tax money goes to support with their 10 kids, and one in the oven. You should have to take a pill TO GET pregnant. Whomever created the human race was definatley a man. Bleh. I also have PMS. I'm super tired, and just feel....poopie. That about sums it up. Can you tell? I thought I hid it well!

Just when I thought I'd never afford vacation, Momma needs some handiwork done around the house and I'm just the girl to do it. That manfriend of mine said when I told him what I was doing that "we could get it done in a sweaty day". Get that? He totally offered to HELP me? I know, I nearly had a heart attack and missed out on vacation and vacation money altogether. It's a whole new world with that boy and I don't anticipate I'll ever get tired of his thoughtfulness.

Oh yes, did I mention how on Friday I aced my Excel beginner at a 95% and intermediate at 97%? I'm going to try to test out of the advanced class too, doesn't hurt. Funny that the beginner was harder because I havn't used those formulas in a long time. New girl is still an idiot. I have to show her how to resize columns to make a document fit on a page. That's common sense, one, and two I've shown her 800 times. The best part, the other girl that works for me applied to another dept for more money. Can't blame her, but if I am stuck with this dipshit alone...I have no idea what will become of me. She makes me tired.


Patti Cake said...

Congratulations on the Excel test! That's great. And your boy is awesome.

Erin said...

I know what you mean - it sucks when people after 2 or 3 years just fall off the face of the earth - I get so involved with their lives that I can't deal when they don't even blog about something, even if it is just to say goodbye, lol.

Don't you ever leave without telling us!!

Oh and that is awesome on the Excel - I get the basics but the formulas always kill me!!!

Slick said...

He wants to help clean??

He's a madman I tell ya!!

Mon said...

thank you! i was happy i dont have to take the classes now! My boy is pretty cute. Im gonna steal him or something.

Oh, same to you! I wouldnt just leave. I cant stand when people do that.

Well..help paint, you know, handyman stuff.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

He's a keeper. Do I hear wedding bells?

Congrats on the Excel tests. Although I think it's too bad that nowadays people want to see a piece of paper. Everything down here is certificate-happy. If you don't have one in a particular field (like say, retail assistant cert II --you know running a cash register at a junk shop) then don't even bother applying. Blech.

Rachel said...

Vagina day--that's hilarious. I agree-- a pill to get pregnant--fantastic idea. I'm PMSing too...well, I guess just MSing now. And it's my week to cut out chocolate. Can we say WITHDRAWAL?! Oh, well.

AMPlifier said...

This is assuming my blog is one of the ones that has you in withdrawal (even if you're not referring to mine, just humor me):

I have this complex that in order for me to write/post anything it has to be fantastically written and/or something that will fascinate my readers so much they fall out of their chairs. Hence, these ridiculously high expectations keep me from writing as much as I'd like. I'm already in therapy, don't worry.