"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's like this...

So, I had a meeting with my boss where she told me from our discussion, she was happy with the progress I am making as a supervisor, taking initiative to handle things on my own, and learn more. My follow up was fantastic. I created little daily projects for my girls, to use a new system we have, because they aren't using it. So I made little scavenger hunts to find information. Boss loved it! So, as a reward (of course I'm lying) I have to plan out the entire year in a calendar. I already have when I download reports, when projects are due, etc..in my planner for the year. Oh no, that wasn't what she wanted. I had to do it from scratch. In a calendar template. By fiscal month. I have been doing this for several hours. Bo-ring.

I can forsee what will happen. I am going to painstakenly set deadlines, with dates, and when I want things done, and they are going to change. It's the corporate way. Do a bunch of work, so I can make you change it. Versus being honest about why I want said work in the first place, and saving you a ton of time. Whatever, if that's what they wanna pay me to do, I'm down! New girl still pretty much sucks. She still takes no responsibility. I have to tell her what she does wrong, and how. She pretends not to know. She makes stupid mistakes. I'm not giving up!

Last night I forgot socks, so I had to workout at home. I'm lucky to be alive. My treadmill is on it's last leg. I couldn't go faster than 3.9 without it slowing and speeding up on its own. I had to hold on the whole time, and no jogging. I had to cut peices of the track off, because they were hindering it's operation, and being noisy. I kept going though, like a trooper..Although, I kept picturing myself biffing it face down on the treadmill, and being found in my sports bra, with treadmill burn on my face, half eaten (or licked to death) by the cats, who have by then decided I make a damn fine pillow. Know what disturbed me most out of that scenerio? Being found in my sports bra. Eeek!

My manfriend had an interview with a hospital to do part time work in the ER. He'll get credit towards nursing school. I guess he gets some credit also for being a medic already. He's pretty cute. I might get sick and drive all the way to Cleveland for some TLC. Oh wait, I already get that without the hassel of medical bills. Who's a lucky girl? Me! Know what he did that was cute? (Honestly you'd need several hours for the full list) His house is a bazillion degrees. He lives upstairs over a bakery for god's sake. No real window in the bedroom. No real fans. I hate the hot. The hot during sex, yea, that's ok cus it's a nice payoff, and totally worth the sweat. The hot while trying to sleep..eh, not so much. Hot=cranky.

He got fans yesterday, and when he was going to bed told me he was gonna sleep in his new cool room, and that "there was a spot for me". Awww, it melted my heart. Then he followed that up by.."a wet one". Gotta love him.


Slick said...

lol...well, at least his mattress is big enough!

You gotta get you a new treadmill before you sprain something, Mon...

Erin said...

LOL - Now that is cute!

And would you get rid of the new girl already, lol... she sounds like a ditz!

Mon said...

i know, i need a new one alright! but i just use the one at work.

he is pretty cute. i wish i could get rid of her. but a dumb body is better than a no body!