"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 06, 2008

Have I mentioned how I hate to be hot..

It's typical Ohio. It was like 40 degrees a week ago, and now its 90 with 100% humity or something. I hate when you can't move without being a sweaty mess. It's disgusting! I sweat enough when I work out. I gave at the office. Leave me out of it.

I've been hella busy at work. It's month end. But it's June 6th you say. Yea, we're weird like that. Plus I'm too nice and I let one of the girls off. At month end. With a giant meeting coming up, and my own job to do. Talked to the boss today about another position. Not sure if its my cup of tea, theres a hiring freeze so someone in the dept has to fill it. It's for a trainer, like, training the field employees. Travel. Which I like except for no one to watch my pets. And, it's training classes, not one on one. I'm all about showing you how to do a job one on one but I'm not that good at "commanding a room". No more $ either. I doubt I'll apply for it but you never know.

I found a nice place last week, but I need 1750 to move in. Uh, yea, I don't have that kinda money layin around. I have none actually. I got paid today for the holiday, plus, my regular hours. Talk about your perks in management! I got a nice lump in my paycheck I wasn't expecting. But, totally need. Looked at another place 4 miles from work this week. $809 a month. For an apartment? What. Ever. It's a huge 3 bdrm but I could have a brand new swanky apartment for that. But, I'd lose weight faster cus I couldn't afford to eat...hmmm...

Going to the winery this weekend for my girlfriends divorce party! I'm making a cake. It's cause for celebration, you know, welcoming her to the club. Life after divorce is so much better! And she's already happier! Yay for her!

I've been just shy of hitting 5 miles in an hour in my workouts. I think 5 miles is going to be my goal, because thats with a steady 20-30 minute jog non-stop. I dunno about jogging an entire hour with my crappy knees. I'm around 23-24 miles a week. I remember when doing 3 miles in an hour was a struggle.

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