"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, June 30, 2008

Technology Rules!...

Monday, 27 days until vacation. Yippeeeee! I had a busy weekend! Friday I went to the boy's and we went out for his friends girlfriends birthday. I was actually a good partner at beer pong, and we beat 2 teams! Normally, I pretty much suck! The boy is like a master of beer pong, so I was feelin pretty good about my efforts towards the win.

We got up early Saturday I had to get my hurr did, and I took him to his Mom's. His car is in the shop. I went to my Mom's and moved some stuff for her, and got an idea of what "jobs" she had lined up for me. I took my doggie and she ran around and had fun. It was nice to see she was still full of spunk. Then I left and went to pick up the boy, and he helped me scrape and paint Mom's basement walls. It was raining so the other stuff we couldn't do. I may try to finish it on Friday since I'm off work.

We left there and went to my crib. The neighbor's were out so we got beer and hung out over there for a couple of hours. I brought a chicken breast out cus they were making burgers. Bleh. I didn't have silverware, and the boy went inside and came out w/a sharp knife and a plastic fork for me. I always use a plastic fork. Don't ask me why cus I dunno. But, he's just the cutest thing in the world. I was gonna eat it with my fingers! He's always so thoughtful of me..I'm so not use to being thought of. Sheesh. A girl could get use to that sorta thing! I'll never underestimate it. That's what being treated like dog crap gets you. You appreciate a good thing when you find it!

Sunday we went to Waffel House (mmmm) and to see The Happening. Good movie! Good because, if you ask me, that sorta thing can happen. And since its the happening I can't really say what the happening is in the happening, or I'll ruin the movie for you. Something happens. It's freaky though, to watch people just off themselves. The ways they come up with to do it. I happen to have liked all Shymalans movies with the exception of that stupid Lady in the Water one. But this one was different. I give it two thumbs up! The Happening Happens to be good. I happen to find using the happening this many times amusing.

My computer died for like the 4th time. So I give up on the stupid thing! But, what will become of all my pictures, and music? Luckily my manfriend is quite smart. He took out my hard drive and has some contraption to put it in and he got my info off and saved it for me. He's pretty handy. I dunno if I mentioned that. Or, how in love with him I am? Just so you know. Wouldn't want you to forget.

Now, for technology. I got a message from Direct TV, that my tivo can now be activated from the internet, or cell phone. So, say I'm at work and I hear someone talking about a sweet new show, I can get online, and tell MY TIVO to record the freaking thing! Say I'm in the car, out of town, and I hear a promo for a special on Edwin McCain, I can text MY TIVO to record it. I'm not even lying! Can you believe, there is stuff like this going on, and some people still use VCR's? What a waste of perfectly good technology.

P.S. I think everyone has pictures of their Tivo in their photobucket accounts, so don't judge me!


Alexa said...

so you liked the happening? i have been hearing mixed reviews. i still want to see it though.

Mon said...

I thought it was really good. I don't know what people expected the happening to be...but I really liked it!