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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Countdown starts at 33...

I feel it's my duty to let the you know, Edwin McCains new album drops today, and you can get it for 12.99 at Target. He looks pretty cute latley too mkay?! Yes...he is in Cleveland on Wed. and I'm not going. I just saw him in Sept., and right now I have to save $ for vacay. I must really like that boy to give up Edwin. Did I just say that? Seriously... When have I ever done such a thing? How bout never. It's not that I'm giving him up for the boy, I just can't afford it. And, a vacation with my sexmuffin man sounds more appealing than drooling over a guy who, let's face it, is never going to marry me. I know you had hope for me too, but really it was all just a fantasy.

Thirty three days until me and the boy board a plane and fly on outta ohio for 9 blissful days! I will be off work for 10 glorious days. Ten days in a row. I can barely contain myself! I can't express enough, how much I need to be off of work! I have not had a vacation from two jobs for a week, um. Ever. Hallelujah! We got our tickets last night, which makes it that much better. Official. It's real. Going, going, GONE!Um, get use to it because I am going to be yapping about this for a long time. I first talked to that boy at my sister's in VA Beach, our first phone call. I think that's kinda cute.

What else is new, I've been hella busy with work. This week is finally our district manager meetings. What sucks about this? Well, theres like, 120 of them and they seem to forget we work for the VP's, not them and they try to get us to do work for them. They are annoying. They always bring sickness with them. (I'm armed with Purell this year) Usually, we have to go to some stupid outing, where we can't take anyone and hang out by yourself, and not drink cus you can't have fun, only they can get drunk and act like idiots. This year we weren't invited because of budget cuts. I'm not sad about it cus its on a work night. And it's at the Akron Aero's game.

No a/c. Bleh.

I had a splendid weekend. I went to bed early Friday, and got up early Saturday and cleaned my garage. I took before pics but the after isn't great because one side of my garage is trash. Lot's of crap from CP that got ruined, and some stuff that didn't that I'm throwing out anyway. It'll take a few weeks to get it all taken down for the trash man. I got to see my guy Saturday. We just hung out and had Bicardi Limon and lemonades. (yum) and his brother and new girrrrrrrrlfriend came over. Sunday we tried to find a city-wide garage sale extravaganza but that didn't happen. He did find a dining set. And his Mom got him a bunch of stuff. She got a shirt for me which was pretty cute of her.

I'm not entirely sure if I've ever shared this...I'm in love. Fo show! I love him so much I can't stand it! I know you couldn't tell by how I go on and on about him, but it's official. Uh, yea. Official for months now. Speaking of, Saturday we were together for 9 months. I can't believe it's almost a year! We're so lucky to have found each other. And...I'll shut up about it. Oh, except for one last....I'm going to the beach in 33 days. Weeeee!

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