"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, June 19, 2008

You say Beaver, I say Woodchuck...

I saw some ground hogs yesterday hogging the ground in my travels to the ghetto Dr. I wondered an unimportant question...are woodchucks beavers? Are beavers groundhogs? Is a gopher a woodchuck? The world wants to know! What's the difference?

Planned Parenthood is quite nice at 6pm on a Thursday. Only 1 other person. I can't understand though, why I was charged a $10 office visit for the receptionist to hand me my pills in a brown paper bag...shhhhh...and sign a peice of paper. It also took me an hour to get there (from work). It was inconvenient is all. Not, however, as inconvenient as a screaming child while I'm napping on a Sunday afternoon. So I'll shut up about inconvenience before the universe gets any ideas about my biological clock or something.

I watched 30 Days last night. I really like the show, and I was excited when I saw it was about animal rights this week. But if you like animals I don't suggest you watch it. I had to look away thru most of it, and I cried a lot. The guy who saw animals as food was even affected by what happens. I was most disturbed by the cows. I thought dairy farms were pretty decent places. (Mom took us to her cousins dairy farm and it was pretty nice there!) Nah, they pen the babies in crates and treat them horribly. If they get sick they dump them on the side of the road to die. Gross fact ahead...They make ground beef out of that. Uh...???

I also didn't know that they performed live surgeries on animals. I thought they used dead frozen ones. I mean, they are alive and well when they open them up. Aware of what's going on. And there are alternatives to testing on animals, so the people who say it's necessary are just misinformed. I think this is gonna disturb me more than seeing the strangers. I really liked watching the animals get rescued and rehabilitated on farms. Even the sheep, chickens, turkeys, and goats and cows. They run and play, and show affection to each other. I really need to start my own business doing something like that. I know it's my calling.

P.S. Gas is really $4.09. I thought I was seeing things. This only means that by July it will be up to $5 cus people will be traveling and well, might as well charge us more. You think this will change when that asshole, I mean Bush isnt in office anymore? Hope? Anyone? Hope?


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I couldn't watch that. Animal testing is just plain wrong! Thats what we have computers and people for. I totally sympathize with the group that breaks into animal labs and rescues the animals by any means necessary.

The Presidon't (see what I did there?!) is nothing but a worthless piece of shiat. I sure hope things change when he gets the hell out.


Mon said...

its awful. you shouldnt eat those nasty steaks anymore. mmmmm hmm.