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Monday, May 19, 2008

My Name Is Kiiiiid...

Turns out, Friday around 4, one of the VP's at work asked did anyone like Kid Rock. I said are you going to the concert? He said, that's not what I asked. So, I said yea, I do. I just so happened to have scored two tickets to see Kid Rock at the Q! Better yet, they were for our company suite. Better even still? Free food, and alchohol. Hell...Yea! I had only been in a loge at like, the Akron Aeros, which is minor league baseball. This was so much fun! Of course, I took the boy! My friends Heather and Jessica were already going, and I had guest passes to get ticketed people into my suite. So I had them come up too! Have you heard Kid Rock's new song So Hot? Cus, yea, it's pretty freaking hot!

When we got in and I saw where we were seated..it was even better. We had an awesome location! You could have thrown somtehing at him, if, that's what you wanted to do! Here are some pics from the event. Click for larger view.

This of course, was "Cowboy"..
This was him with "Rev Run" But, you know him as Run from Run DMC boyeeee.

We had a lot of fun! The most interesting part of being at the concert, was going outside to smoke. Mind you, smokers taxes paid for the arena. We had to stand in a long line, to EXIT the building, and get a stamp to stand in a sectioned off area. We waited probably 5 minutes in line just to get out. Re-tar-ded. We ate fancy turkey sandwiches, and had free beer, and our own private toilet. I swear when I'm rich I'm gonna have me a suite for concerts. That's the only way to roll! Private pissing is way important!

When the concert was over we hung out and finished our drinks. Then my BF drove the girls to their car, and they followed us to a bar for his friends going away party. Ladies got in free. Music to my ears. It was like a club. It was on. I hadn't been out dancing in forever, and I wasn't feeling that well, so I only had a couple drinks. I still got out and cut a rug. We danced so much, our heads were soaked. I tore it up with the man, and we bumped and gyrated to quite a few songs. I never danced like that with a boy. I felt like my virginity was taken away. Ok, so I'm not so virginal, but whatever. I wont mention who but someones friend worked the stripper pole so well the DJ thanked her. Big cities are like the devil to a young girl from a small town.

We made out in the parking lot too. It was a blast! We flirted the whole way home and talked about how much we like each other, and how we are going to live happily ever after (well, in so many words) We didn't get to bed til about 6 am and we closed the bar at 2. I dunno if you could imagine what we did for those 3 hours after we got home, but it wasn't reading the bible!

Friday after work I met the girls up at the winery again. I had a jam packed weekend of fun, and today? I feel like a big swollen asshole. And, I can't imagine a swollen bunghole would feel very good. I have a horrid headache/sinus pressure, bloody snot, and a fever. I'm going home soon after I finish proofing some work for the girls. Yesterday I slept most of the day at the boy's house. He made us breakfast and he gave me an ice pack for my head. He's only the cutest ever. I'm glad he's mine!

Join me later in the week when I try to act like it doesn't phase me that I don't get to see him until Sunday. *Gulp*


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Whenever I feel a bad cold coming on and I know I'm gonna feel like shit the next day, I find the best thing to do is go and have a night out!

The motto is thus, "If you know you're going to have a 'morning after', then you might as well have a 'night before'!"

Why waste a good hangover on a stinking cold, eh?

Well, that's what I used to do when I was younger...

Erin said...

sounds like an absolute blast!!

And yep... I'm totally jealous :)

Alexa said...

OMG how fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i almost got tickets too!


Suzi said...

Oh, dear. Here is where I admit that, at age 44, I just do not "get" Kid Rock. The First Baseman, on the other hand, has deemed Kid Rock AWESOME, amd so we must wish him well in his enjoyment with his friend. I shall be…yogaing?