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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The City and Sex...

Sex and the City opens tonight! Weeee! I'm going with my girl Heather. I cannot wait! I'm almost as equally excited to see The Strangers. But I've been waiting forever for Sex and the City..right ladies? I sooo love horror movies Muh ah ah..We also might head down to Lock 3 and see a Skynard tribute band. Cus, it's free.

I lost 2lbs. Finally. After busting my ass weeks with nothin, it budged. 20 more to go. Well, one more size will make me happy. I have some new pet peeves. Men who grunt in the gym. Shut the fuck up. It sounds like you are taking a dump. I also cannot stand when they drop their weights from 4 feet in the air onto the ground. BOOM! It damn near makes me trip every time. Plus, it interrupts my Dr. Phil watching. Dicks! And, there is this one bitch who chats on her cell phone while she leisurely rides the stationary bike. I'm hoping tonight, I have it all to myself. Usually Friday's I am the only one in the gym. I love that!

The boy and me have an ongoing joke about drugging each other w/pumpkin seeds. Being that, you know we met on the internets, and my family was positive he would chop me up and put me in the trunk. It came about that he would drug me, then it turned into me drugging him with pumpkin seeds in his wine since I live "in the country" and that's probably what "the amish" would do. So, we always say we're so nuts about each other, because of the pumpkin seeds. Mostly, I put seeds in his food and drink. He said Wed. night that it had nothing to do with the seeds. Which was only totally adorable.

Last night, I mentioned that I had put them in his beer, and he said I didn't because he opened it. I told him I did and had them in my purse, did he wanna see? He told me birth control and breath mints don't count. I happened to have a packet of seeds from earth day, their sunflower seeds. They are tiny. And, the packet is opened, and unlabeled. You should have seen the look on his face when he said "You really have been slipping me seeds, what do they do"?! I think for a minute...he really believed it. He had me laughing, and misty all at the same time. He's somethin else, that one!

In the morning he texted me that my cats needed food, when I got home last night, he had broken up dog treats in their bowl for them. If you know me, this is equal to tryin to be my baby daddy. It was so adorably cute. He said he was going to make them breakfast but Fozzie was being picky. I can just see his sweet little butt talking to the cats while they obviously cried for him to feed them. Keeper. I told him he is on cute overload and I might have to eat him or something. I know that sounds weird but I totally could.

BTW, when I fed the cats after work, they did the famous cat move. You know, cry like you havn't fed them for a month and then look at the food once it's there and think...."Ok, the food's in my bowl. I'm going to go lay on your pillow now and lick my ass".

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Patti Cake said...

Oh girl -- ain't that the truth? I have 5 cats (ya, I know...too many) and they all act like they've never eaten, even though there is a constant feeder bowl thingy. I have to give them 3 packets of wet food 2x a day or they gather around and plot my demise. LOL

Your boy is definitely a keeper!

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