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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How To Marry A Man...

I don't really know what it takes to get a man to marry you. I do think of course, it should happen naturally, and not be forced. I learned that lesson the hard way, one divorce a broken engagement, and several shitty relationships under my belt. I found this article online at mens health. It was one of those Yahoo top stories. But, the reason I'm even posting this is, I am all of these things listed in the freakin' article.

Why am I not married? Of course, most women do tend to do the "what's wrong with me?" speal, but until you learn that nothing is wrong with you, and someone will love you for the person you are, when YOU know who you are, you're gonna keep attracting people who think things are wrong with you. Why? Because that's what your putting into the universe.

I don't wonder why I'm not married, (anymore) because I know myself and what I want, and I have that now. I know I was meant to meet the man I'm with. Wherever that leads me, I'm getting on that train, because the new and improved me, has learned that life is about enjoying the ride. It's not always easy, and sometimes I wanna teleport to my destination, but then you miss all the fun stuff on the ride, so why do that? And when you have such a super cute, loveable person to travel with as I do, even more reason to enjoy it. And, life is far too short to waste time being unhappy.

The full article is here.

  • Marriage Maker 1: (In)dependence Guys like all the things that can come with marriage - the companionship, the safety, a guarantee of having good sheets on the bed and good reasons to change them. While most men understand that being married doesn't mean that they can play six nights a week like they did in their bachelor days, they also want to feel like they have the blessing, support, and encouragement to play golf with their pals every once in a while, to knock a few back at the sports bar when the big game is on, to still feel free even when they've willingly surrendered some independence.

  • Marriage Maker 2: Adoring, Yet Not Needy Few things turn a guy on as much as a woman who makes her man feel like he's the only guy for her. And few things turn off a guy as much as a woman who makes her man feel like he's the only guy for her. If they're equals, they're not making undue claims on each other, and they can be an even stronger pair. If either one of them is weak and needy, however, that emotional burden can drag both partners down. So, throw your partner some compliments and some assurances, but don't tell him the planets spin around him.

  • Marriage Maker 3: An Imaginative Mind Men are very turned on by women who have big goals, big dreams, and big imaginations - whether they're career-oriented or not. Because when a woman is driven, that means that she's moving forward, and the whole family is, too.

  • Marriage Maker 4: Jekyll and Hyde Not that we want our partners to flip-flop and pretend to be people they're not, but there's something intrinsically exciting about a partner who has the ability to be a sort of chameleon - a little fun and imaginative in bed, yet charming at a family reunion. It's the all-in-one woman who can equally pull off the roles of wife, mother, boss, friend, neighbor, vixen. That's not asking too much, is it?


Ken Albin said...

Nice article! When I was single everyone tried to get me hitched. They would always give a sales pitch about it. They invariably followed this up with a diatribe about the horrors they are currently experiencing with their spouses. I suppose the moral of this is to stay away from marrying their choices!

Frances said...

Ken's comment is true - I experienced the same thing when I was single.

AMPlifier said...

Hellz yeah, I'm all of those things, too!

Now... where's my man?

Kidding. Sort of.

Mon said...

I get this same speech about kids. Kids are great, blah blah blah. then I hear how they never get sleep or time to themselves, uh, sounds great!

Seriously! I think men these days arent buyin the cows if you knowhatImean. Let's blame hollywood!