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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drinkin' the night away....

So, I went to big bird last night, a.k.a. Giant Eagle, and picked me up some wine for date night with the boy. I prefer some yummy Breitenbach wine, (specifically Rodeo Red, or Strawberry). Which besides Wolf Creek Winery (Vignoles, or White Lies) and Maize Valley Winery (the site of my first date with the boy...sigh) is probably my favorite wine. I'm all about the local wineries!

But, I'm cheap, and $10-$15 can either get you a yummy bottle of the above mentioned wines, or, it can get you a ginormous jug of this Carlo Rossi Sangria! You do the math! (please do, cus I suck at it) This jug wasn't the usual jug you buy for get-togethers. This thing was so big, I was embaressed carrying it around in the store. I laughed to myself the whole time. Then I thought, "stop laughing people will think you're already drunk!" I'm not shitting you, this thing has got to be 2 gallons of wine. It's bigger than my gallon of water in the frig-i-dare. I'm thinking, who buys that much wine? I do. It's never too late to try new things!

I also went and rented us movies, Alien v. Predator Requim, and Juno. Neither of which I finished watching. Because as usual, we got lost in conversation, giggling, and tirelessly flirting with each other, until it erupted in um, well, you know. I told him, if he ever stopped having sex with me that I would stalk him, and force him to do it. He said he didn't see any reason he'd stop. But seriously. Somthing just isn't right when a person can make you so crazy like that. I just wanna rip him open and eat his heart. But, I mean that in a loving way. I might have lost my damn mind. By that time all that was over, it was midnight, and we tried watching a movie, and the boy fell asleep with two boobs for pillows, and a smile on his face. You know, the way it should be. He's only the cutest sleeper ever. And a damn good snuggler!

He's leaving today to go to Columbus for this thing. I swear, if he is a nerd, he's a hot one. He will be gone until Sunday afternoon. I know, for most people this seems like no big deal, cus normally I wouldn't see him until Saturday anyway's. But when it pains you to be apart from someone, an extra day certainly counts! He told me last night that he will miss me, and can't wait until we can hang out again. In the mean time, I'll be enjoying my jumbo jug of wine. And...keeping busy so I don't go nuts thinking about his sweet ass.


Frances said...

I love to read about how much in love you are.
May you feel this way forever.
Oh and have a glass of that vino for me k?
Waving at you from New York

AMPlifier said...

Geez, how long have you guys been dating? And how did you meet? I gotta know.

Alexa said...

that sangria is the best cheap shit ever!

babylamb said...

I'm not much of a wine drinker but I love the cheap wine!

Erin said...

Pick up some beer and I'll head over and we'll hang out to get you through the 3 days he will be gone, lol. You'll make it - I promise!!

Slick said...

Geeeezus ya damn lush.

So, girls like to get their guys drunk and take advantage of them too?? ;)