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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pizza Brings Back Memories...

So, yesterday, all anyone was talking about, was, did you get a 23 cent pizza from Papa John's? After a half hour of 5 of tag teaming the pizza joint via the redial buttons on our phones, we gave up on the hopes of having cheap pizza. *sigh* Than the news updates came. Lines of 300 or more people were at each establishment. Fights arose due to "line jumping". People were arrested. Over a 23 cent pizza.

And then the stories came out. People were actually pissed off, they couldn't get their 23 cent pizza. Seriously? As if Thursday, were the only day in all of eternity you could indulge in pizza? What posesses one to stand in line, for three hours, for one pizza? Is the economy that screwed up? And, why weren't these people working? You should totally watch the video I mean, it's pizza dude! And not very good either. It is as my girl Kat put "good when you're drunk". And if I know anything about Ohio, it's full of drunks. And stupid people who go on the news and say "I'm doin' it for Lebron". He doesn't give 2 shits if you stand in line for 3 hours, he's livin it up in his mansion, with a private chef. Dumbass. It gave me some good laughs while I watched the news. People proclaimed they were "a part of history". I can't imagine how much free publicity this has given Papa Johns.

This public outpouring took me back to my Taco Bell days. Firstly, my friend Katie brought up that when we gave out free light tacos (remember light tacos?) and we ran out, the kids in the projects threw rocks at our windows. People don't mess around with free shit, especially when you are directly located in front of the projects, where we were proud to have worked.

What it reminded me of, was how I always got screwed as a shift manager working close (which was like 9pm-6am) with one other person. In the projects. We all know where you go after the bar, Taco Bell, you aint foolin' nobody. When you are making tacos out the ass and dealing with irate stupid drunk people, you tend to run out of things. Like, say, beef, or chicken. If you try to tell people you are out of something they get hella pissed. Even more so, when they are drunk. There were many times, I turned out the lights, and pretended to be closed until the meat was done. What the hell did I care, I made 8.50 an hour.

I suspect, Papa John's just took their phones off the hook because if I worked there? "Whoops, I accidentally knocked the phone off the hook, my bad".


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I just bypass the shops and make my own pizza and tacos. That way I can cus(s)tomize to my hearts content! And it's healthier too.

I had a long comment about your muscle cramps from your exercise regime and how to get around them all ready to send, but my computer ate the comment before I could post it...

I'll be emailing you with the entire write up so look for something from alaskandavedownunder(at)gmail.com in a few hours.

In addition to the cool bird pics you've seen on my blog, I was also an instructor for four years in a university PE dept and made sports nutrition a hobby of mine. Ah, for what that's worth... Nowadys I just lounge around in the pool :)

Bianca said...

It's that kind of behavior that makes my a misanthrope. People are just turds.

Alexa said...

the pizza place caused mayhem! lots of mayhem!