"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I might hate sports but I love pizza!

Ok, so who's totally getting a pizza for 23 cents today? I'd hate to work for Papa John's right about now, that's for damn sure! We're all getting pizza for lunch today. Too bad I packed a yummy chicken and rice lunch that will have to wait until tomorrow. It's hilarious because you have to call individually, and pick it up yourself, in an effort to cut down on orders of 80 pizzas I guess. Everyone at work is steadily dialing Papa John's. That's all you hear, beep beep, and then the annoying busy tone! I don't love Papa John's (I'm an East of Chicago, or Pizza Hut girl) But I havn't had pizza for months, so it might just be acceptable.

You know, this insessant dialing of Papa John's, is taking me back to my psycho teen days, when I would call my boyfriend non-stop. You remember, back before call waiting? "who's he talking to?" "Get off the phone". Then, when he got off, I'd yell at him, and then he'd be pissed at me. Hecks yea, I was that girl alright! Actually, I was that girl until I got divorced. I also dated untrustworthy assholes, so it's a toss up who was worse. Or, it's like calling the radio station to win a prize. They finally answer and you hang up, cus the sound of the ring scares you. "Mother. Fucker!"

I got a mean charley horse last night. I dunno why either. I drink a buttload of water, and have 2 bananas a day. I started doing intervals on the treadmill which is 2 min at 2%, then 2 min at 4%, then 2 min at 6% all at 4.5. Lemme tell you it's a nice challenge, but it burns the buns, and the legs. I have to start changing what I eat because I'm not losing any weight working out at 1-1.5 hours 5 days a week. I even stopped drinking thru the week. What more does the universe want from me? I'm even eating meat!

I'm so tired.

I had a lovely evening with the boy! He is totally cute! I love that I get the butterly feeling when I see him still. I love that looking him in the eyes makes me googely. I love that he kisses me on the forehead, and blows on my forehead when I'm sweaty, always covering my eyes which is just the cutest thing in the world. We talked about my new job, and how I'm having trouble being the boss and a friend, and I have to be a boss and not a friend. It's hard. But I'm working on it. And he is a good person to talk to. You know he paid me an exceptional compliment and said that I am him with boobs. I think he's awesome, so that works for me. He also said one of the things he liked about me was how hard I worked to get where I am. It's so nice to be valued by someone you love. Nothing like it.


Patti Cake said...

You'll get there with the job. It is a hard transition becoming boss. Your friends resent it, and you resent them for resenting you. A vicious cycle.

The boy sounds wonderful.

I've been told changing food and exercise habits will break a plateau. Your body gets used to the food and exercise regime, I guess. I will do a different class and eat something wicked like peanut butter and it gets the old body going again.

Erin said...

I agree with Patti - pretty soon it'll be second nature!!

So glad that you are still in love ;) But i never doubted it for one minute, lol

And yeah, I moved - my mother found me...lol. I can admit, I'm 34 and still hide from my ma :-)

Alexa said...

pizza pizza!

the lines were OUT OF CONTROL in cleveland! like nuts

Mon said...

Thanks...I'm trying. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

me either. its my turn, i deserve to have some freaking happiness. Well, its ok to hide from mom, no shame in that!

it was the funniest thing I've seen in a while.