"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I did 4.6 miles in 66 minutes yesterday. Not too shabby. I also lost another pound. Mmmm hmm Tha's right.

Today, I got a pretty sweet gift from my VP that hated me at Christmas and gave me this gift. Not that I don't love all gifts, but I'd have rather had the $5 than the clock. I sound horrible. anyway, they all came back from Puerto Rico today. I thought they were in Aruba. It's all the same to me when I'm stuck at home and working.

I got a really nice leather case with bath stuff in it. I like the case more than the gift, even though I love bath stuff! Still, other people got better things than me, but I'm thankful to get anything. I also got some coasters with a map of Puerto Rico on them. Presents!

In other news, new girl was eating her lunch today, and screamed and ran over to my desk screaming "go look what's in my food!" I didn't want to, but you know what they say about curiosity. I asked her what? She said it's awful. I thought a roach or a mouse. She was eating a salad.....Um, too bad it was a gigantic grasshopper!!!!! She was in tears, she couldn't calm down. I walked her to the grill to tell the head chef, who was embaressed, and refunded her money. I should say here, that we have our own "restaurant" at work, and it was the lunch special today. Special is right. Mmmmm. I told her it could be worse, at least people eat grasshoppers.

So now we have been calling her grasshoppa, and printed her some pictures to hang up. You have to earn your nickname you know, and this one is perfect on many levels. And, talk about a good diet, I don't think I can eat at work for a while. *gag*

I had to leave my adorable boyfriend this morning. Not fun. I hate doing it. I think my job should be to be disgustingly in love. Why not? I told him the weeks I'd be able to vacation. He asked if I thought we'd be able to stand each other for a week. I asked him if he was kidding. Which he was. I said I think after a week, it's going to be hard to be apart. I don't want to think about how that's gonna be. He told me he wanted to walk on the beach and hold my hand. And said if he could have anything it would be that. I mean, could you die? It's super adorable, and makes me want to lock him up even more.

You know your in love when, you get home from a fabulous weekend with your guy, all geared up to watch Big Brother, and Tivo didn't record the whole thing, because 60 minutes ran over. I might have cried before. But, I was on a high.



I love when you talk about your boyfriend and how in love you guys are. Steve and I are like that too and we make most people sick... but not me (or you for that matter) - I'm a love whore.

...And sometimes just a regular whore.

... and today I might have a been a handbag whore. No. I was one.

Mon said...

why, thank you! i use to be one of those people who were sick by all the yucky love stuff. I think you have to find it to appreciate when others find it. I've been in love, but this is the real deal.
no shame in being a handbag whore at all!