"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 03, 2008


My spirits were lifted yesterday the moment I arrived at the eye Dr., and they blasted me with air in the eye. Three times in the left eye because "you jumped too soon". If that is what it feels like for a dog to have air in their face, we are all horrible people for doing it to them. When I got to work today, coworker asked if I got colored contacts, because my eyes were so green. I have worn my glasses for several months now, as I've been out of contacts. I hate wearing glasses. They fog up, and get dirty, and spotted, and scratched! And it's hard to kiss with glasses on.

I got to see my guy last night. It felt fantastic! Not fantastic? His car broke down. This will mark the third time he's had to call triple A to get him going from my house. I told him, he should just get over it, and stay with me forever. I mean clearly, this is what the universe is telling him, right? Or, that he deserves a new car. Or, that he should stay with me forever. I even offered to buy him meat and cook it for him.

Despite that, we had a nice conversation, which I always love to do with him because he gets me all excited about things. Not those things. Well yea, those things too! Wink, wink. I broke a nail while engaging in extra curricular activities with this guy, that's serious business! But really, we talked about what he wants to do with his future, and how things are starting to change for him. And, about how you just know things are right with someone. Which, I've said before, I always believed was crap until here I am feeling that. I hate getting up and leaving him in the morning. I dont want my time with him to end, and it's so hard to do. *sigh* I'm in looooove. I don't ever want to forget what this feels like.

And, I lost 3 of 10lbs I gained back. Progress.


EC said...

I think it means he has to live with you forever :)

WTG on the 3 pounds lost!!

Mon said...

i knew i liked you for a reason. lol. i mean clearly its a sign