"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Even the Sun has to set...

I'm having the kind of day you want to stay in bed and cry, and forget about the world. You know what I mean, everyone's had them. Like, every bad thought or feeling comes at you all at once in an avalanche of emotion. I don't even have PMS. I can't think it away cus it'll all just come back. The best thing to do is feel it. As much as I hate it.

I do want to move. But, what is the rush? I want to be happy in a new place. I want to be able to go outside at 2 am in my pajamas and say "I'm happy here". I've even found a couple condos I actually like, close to work, that may be affordable. Why can't I buy something for what I'll pay in rent? The fee's are very low where I'm looking. I think there is an underlying fear that I'm going to lose my relationship if I don't move SOON. I don't like to acknowledge that, but I still have stinkin' thinkin. I need to continue living my life as I always have. I have no reason not to.

In other news, who's watching Big Brother? James and Chelsea are made for each other. They both have bad tempers when they dont get their way. Did they not watch the show? It's all about stabbing each other in the back to win. I mean, last season Dick did it so much, that's the reason he won. James going off last night was classic. Poor baby, it's called Karma. And ladies, did you note his package in his tighty whiteys? My friend said on the showtime special, it's swingin in the wind. I knew there was a reason Chelsea liked him, it sure aint his pretty face.

Tivo stopped recording Big Brother, because it went from Big Brother Til Death Do Us Part, to Big Brother 9. Why the hell would you change the name of a show, in the age of technology. I've since fixed it, but I missed an episode!

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EC said...

I have been watching BB and I have to agree - James's package is HUGE - dude, you have to see it on the after dark show... or hell, just google it because it is all over the internet. HUGE.

I'm in a love hate relationship with James - I can't believe he got Adam not to put him up!! Now that is some mad skills.