"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 28, 2008

All about panties...

I had a fun weekend, where I ate too much cheese (is there such a thing?) and drank too much wine (huh?) So, all in all, a great weekend! Had a blast at the winery on Friday. It was fun to talk about my guy with new people. It probably gets old listening to me go on and on about him. But, they were happy for my having found a good guy, and a good job. You know, couldn't happen to a nicer person and all. Had a lot of laughs with my girlfriends, and you know, we vowed to do it every month. The things you say when you're drunk.

Saturday went shopping with Mom and got a couple shirts to wear to work for the summertime. I actually bought clothes that fit me in a regular size. What. Ever. My gripe of the century? Why don't they make skirts anymore? Every skirt was a skort. Every one! Unless it was a long mature woman skirt, it had shorts in it. If I wanted to wear two layers of pants, I would. I want to wear a skirt, because it's a skirt. I won't be doing any cartwheels and risking showing the world my panties. C'mon! And, if I wanted to show the world my panties I sure as shit would!

Speaking of panties. I had to rush around and hold my Mom captive while I got ready to go to the city to see my man. Mom did my dishes for me. She's kinda handy that way. She told me I should always take extra panties with me to the man's place. Gotta love Moms. I met my BF at his place, and we went to his Dad's for the family get-together. It wasn't bad at all. Until he told me, that his stepmom found my underwear under his bed after he moved out. Nice. Let's remember I wasn't even allowed to sleep with him when I stayed there, he just had them. I laughed, and felt embaressed, but whatever. Any business that took place was in the basement anyway. He said he didn't care, that he's an adult. But still. Hi, um I believe you have my panties...guess I won't be seein those again.

We had some drinks, and great conversation as usual. I decided we should take all the food we could get when we left. Even poured salsa into a zip lock, which was pretty messy, but a good laugh. On Sunday, we went to Chinatown with his neighbors. I knew I should've taken a camera, because I saw an actual bum with a shopping cart. I am so sheltered where I live, it was kinda scarey being out there among the real projects and ghettos, and scarey folks. If there were bums at my house they at least live in the woods. Yea, Chinatown. Hello Kitty? They have that!

When I left Sunday night I cried almost the whole way home. I dunno what that boy does to me, but it aint right. I feel like I leave part of me behind, and for a while I just let myself cry. It physically hurts. I hate saying goodbye. I mean, I'm Ok on my own, and I don't feel devastated. It just sucks. I wanted to toss him in my trunk and steal him, but first, I'd have to drug him cus he's stronger than me. This is in no way a public declaration of my potentially commiting a crime or anything.


Steve Stenzel said...


And the panties story is GREAT! And by "great," I mean "super embarrassing"!!

Mon said...

tell me about it! i wanted to crawl in a hole.