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Monday, April 21, 2008

Momma Needs A New Pair of Shoes

I grew this enormous larger-than-quarter-sized blister on my freaking foot. Friday I was working on my fitness at work, and I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Four miles on the treadmill, 2 on the eliptical (that's good for me, I dislike the eliptical!) and 3 on the stationary bike. I only stayed to do the extra stuff because I was alone by that time, and I was really into Rachel Ray's 30 minute meal.

About halfway through my 4 miles I felt the pinch of an on-coming blister. Friday night it was teeny tiny. Saturday morning I got up at 9am and met Kat at Sand Run for a hike. We aimed for 6 miles, did 5.75. Of course by hike I mean hike, and we weren't hoofing it along on the straight and narrow. There were hills and valleys and steps, and hills, and did I mention, there were some really steep hills? My buns were definately burning! As soon as we started my damn blister hurt, but by the end of it, this was what I had. I drained it twice, and I'm now embracing it as part of me, and trying to protect it. My boyfriend put band aids on it for me, which is only the cutest thing ever. I may have mentioned how no one ever took an interest in caring for me. He told me that was a shame. =-)

I need to invest in some nice walking/running shoes. I'm afraid what might happen tonight when I work out.

I went to Mom's after that and took her grocery shopping. Then went to see my cuter than cute boyfriend. He's almost done re-finishing his bathroom, and it looks really good. He's quite handy, and actually has a good eye for decorating. While he was finishing that stuff up, I mopped his floors. Im thoughtful that way. He had his neighbor/friend and girlfriend over for a cookout, and we BS'd and some more people came later. We did silly things like text each other dirty messages. Which only prolonged the anticipation. Damn. We were up til 5 am. We played 'Never have I ever' which in the process I think I had to mention to myself how my man was a virgin before we met so the stuff I heard didn't eat away at me. Seriously, I thought I did a couple things but damn. He's mine now. I'm sure not gonna let him go. Willingy. Muh ah ah ah.

On Sunday morning that boy cooked us breakfast, turkey bacon, waffels (Ok, I toasted the waffels) and hash browns with cheese. MMMM. He also made us dinner mac and cheese with real cheese and turkey keilbasi! He's a keeper. We didn't do much of anything but lounge around, flirt, laugh, watch movies, and cuddle. Since by Sunday morning, I mean we got up at 9:30 and we probably didnt get to sleep til closer to 6am. Huh? I'm so tired today I can barely think.


Alexa said...


that is the biggest blister EVER!

EC said...

Ok, seriously... that is the grossest thing I have seen in a long time, lol.

Maybe you should take a night off from working out so it can heal?

Glad you had a good weekend!

Steven said...

As far as really big blisters go, that's a really, really big blister. Hope you aren't going to have to amputate that sucker.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That's one huge blister! Once it stays drained, you can spray some stuff on it called Tuffskin. It's also good if you lose a callous. Oh yeah, get some good shoes for doing that kinda stuff: Don't skimp, and make sure they are specific for the running you do.

See if you can get the boy pay for them by calling them an early christmas present from him :)

Anonymous said...

PLEASE get new shoes! You really need the right shoes so they don't aggravate this blister worse.

You can use a credit card. This, I would consider is an emergency situation.

1. You need to workout to reach your goal.

2. You can't go as balls to the wall as you normally would with those shoes.

3. New shoes make one feel awesome!

babylamb said...

Oh my goodness. That blister is huge.... Now it popped....