"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The One Where I'm Smitten..Still..

This weekend, I think I managed to fall even more in love with my boyfriend. I know, right? Saturday I ran my Momma to a few stores, and had to lug some heavy stuff around, which was just fabulous. It's nice having my Mommy here. I told her we need to stop running all over the place so we can enjoy time at her house. Plus, I'm anxious to work in her yard. I love that sorta thing. I'm gonna give her some of my perennials when they start coming up. I'm a garden geek. So what.

I went to see my guy later that night. He had a couple friends over, and we were enjoying some drinks. Beer, and tequila. Not a good mix when you don't eat. I wound up blowing chunks in the crapper, not at all sexy. He came to check on me but he said I wouldn't let him in. I don't remember not letting him in, but who wants their guy to see them doing that anyway? Did you catch that he tried checking on me? Ok, I'm so not use to being treated like I matter.

I woke up Sunday in a nice way, wink wink. But later I felt horrible. I had a hella hangover and tried to eat but threw it back up. I was super nauseus and my head was pounding. He put his slippers on my feet, tucked me in on his couch, kissed my head, and went to the store to get some stuff to make me feel better. *swoon* He got me coca cola syrup, which was pretty gross, but it did settle my stomach. And push pops, ice cream, and ibuprofin. All of which worked like a charm, and he didn't make me feel like a burdon at all.

We went to dinner at his dad's house, he cooked out. It was sunny and warm today, which was awesome, spring is in the air! When we got back to his place, there was a desk out on the curb, and we successfully had our first trash picking experience together. He needed a desk, and we lugged it up to his apartment.

You know, I have never in my life had a man give two shits if I felt horrible, let alone take the time to try to make me feel better. Some things overheard in my past. "sure, I had an affair, and you are dying inside, but can we go to that party now?" "Yea, I'm cheating on you, but you're the whore". "Neither one of us is getting out of here alive". "You make more money than me, so you can support me while I sell cans to make enough money for drugs". Yea, I sure knew how to pick them. It's really funny the things that happen in your life that at the time your like, why me? I always knew there was a reason for it. It just sucks that you have to go through it.

And now, its made me appreciate a good guy. It's sad when you are a good person and you're taken advantage of for it. And I think that what happened here, is that two such people have found each other. I'm thankful every day that I met him. Now, if I could just find some time to work on making the perfect closet to lock him in, my life would be complete.


EC said...

It is wonderful that you found such a great guy!!! I'm so happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

this is bethie. i didn't have a google account. i thought of the title for your book....The Man In The Closet

Anonymous said...

Is a closet anything like being locked in a jar???? Member....

Samantha said...

Gotta love guys like that!

Mon said...

thank you! i have to say, its been a long time coming for me.

people might think i turned a gay man straight or something.....

nothing like the jar. its all in good fun. bet people wonder wtf the jar means.

sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....i sure do!