"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, March 31, 2008

So, My Legs Hurt, And That's a Good Enough Title..

One of these days, I'm going to invent two things. One, the ability to stop time. Because sometimes, there are moments you don't want to end. But I guess with stopping time there would be no progress, and sometimes things can actually get better. I'll also invent teleportation. It's 2008, and I'm kinda pissed this hasn't happened yet. Along with hovering cars and all that other crap that was suppose to be around by now. Those two things would enhance my life, and let's be honest, that's what is the most important!

The weekend went super fast. Friday night I did something different, and cleaned my carpets (again), and my apartment, and packed. Of course, I'm kidding, because I've been doing this forever. But, with working two jobs I hadn't been able to have things the way that I want them, so this has been a slow process. I'm thinking next weekend I'm going to tackle my garage. *dread*

I acutally worked out Friday night around 11. I almost didn't but I got my stinking 5 days in, and I felt fantastic for it. Part I'm not going to dwell on, but mention in passing? I gained 10 of the 50 lbs back. Probably more, since I weighed myself after working out damn near two hours for 5 days. I'm over it. That's what sitting on your ass 14 hours a day at work, and working out twice a week will get you. I won't blame my mom for feeding me. But kinda, yea, it's her fault too. Ha.

Saturday I got my hair done. Finally. I'm still going darker. Not sure that I love it, but I'd been getting it hilighted for about 3 years and it was just getting too light. You know you care.

I finished cleaning the house, and headed out to the big city to see my guy. It only took me 45 minutes vs. an hour to his Dad's. Bonus. Even better bonus, when I move closer to work, we'll be about a half hour apart. And, I drive a half hour to the mall, to work, to get my hair done, that's cake. Who doesn't love cake? Eeek!

It felt fantastic to feel his arms around me, and I kinda think the feeling was mutual. It really sucks that we can't see each other more, but I know in the long run, we are doing the right thing. How do I know? Because we are doing it. I trust the place I am right now. Questioning, and wondering would only drive me insane. I know my path. Know what else drives me insane? Holey cripes the man had on his toolbelt, weilding a power tool, and he was screwing a hole in his door, putting on a deadbolt, showin the muscles, and his sweet ass. *drool* Yea. Oh, I was sidetracked. Maybe it's cus my Dad was a plumber, and girls are spose to like guys like their dads? I dunno, I happen to love to see a man like that. And, it helps that my guy is super hot and sexy.

Sunday I helped his Mom unpack a truckton of his stuff, and I put his shelf lining in the kitchen and got all his stuff put away. I'm such a good helper. I even took boxes down to the trash. I deem this as my day's workout, and I don't feel bad for not doing anything else. It was as always hard to leave him. The long term side effects of being bitten by the love bug, are sometimes painful.


EC said...

Sounds like you've been busy as usual!!!

Glad you're working out again - you were so happy when you lost the 50 pounds, and I like to see you happy :) Now stop eating at your moms!! LOL

Mon said...

Yea i mostly feel fabulous when I work out. Of course, its doing it thats hard. after is great. when mom stayed with me she had food all the time.