"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, March 24, 2008

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires...

I'm participating in Janet's question this week cus it's easy for me. What is the strangest thing you've eaten. Um, seriously? I don't eat weird things. To me, gum is weird. So, I suppose others would find it odd that I use to hide in my grandma's closet and eat dog chow. Not weird from me, as my own father would eat milk bones. Don't ask me why or how this started, because I was a kid. I just remember eating sammie's food, some for him and some for me. But you know what? It was pretty good. Until I grew up, and people told me there is like, fish eyes and rats in dog food. So, I no longer partake in it. Go over and answer the question too!

Today I don't feel that good I'm determined not to let it stop me from working out, because it's now March and I still have working out to do in mass quantities.

I had a fantastic weekend with that cute peice of man that is my boyfriend. We hung out Friday night for a bit before heading to bed. I made him an easter basket with with these cute fuzzy chicks in it, that were the cutest things. I missed him so much, I coulda squeezed him til his head popped off, but then where's the fun in that? Sometimes, it annoys me how much I miss him when we're apart. It's frustrating. Do you even know what I mean? It's there, tapping you, "hellooooo, you miss your boyfriend...doncha want to kiss his lips?" Ok, all in sync now..."enjoy the ride" blah blah. Sometimes I wanna shove the ride up someones pooper.

We went to see "Vantage Point" which was a pretty good flick! It pisses you off cus it gets to a good part and starts over from another perspective, but it all comes together in the end! And I learned a new word. Dickbag. I am all about learning new words.

Easter was fun. I ate so much, that I don't need to eat for weeks and I'm certain I wouldn't even be hungry. I wasn't hungry for breakfast today. We had an easter egg hunt, my brother hid the eggs cus he's too old to have fun. And me and Mom hunted for them. Well, I did. She found 3 and I found 9. Hardly a competition, right? Clearly I blew her out of the water!

We also had a fire, no, not in the fireplace. Mom hurt her back and when she's hurt she likes to moan and groan and you have to tune her out cus she wont stop it. So she's out in the kitchen making noise and I'm paying her no mind til I hear her say "FIRE!" I go out there and she's beating the stove with a towel, and i went to get water and she said "no it'll explode". Then I ask her for her flour. She ended up beating it out. I don't remember if your suppose to use flour or baking soda?

One thing I do know, is you don't use sugar. I used sugar in my apartment years ago when a pizza caught on fire. Sugar makes the fire worse. And, good luck cleaning that shit off the bottom of the stove.


Momma said...

Well let's see how you keep your mouth closed when a muscle is pinching a nerve every time you move. Nerves hurt ya know. And so do high fevers that make your bones ache. Better watch the Karma.

Momma said...

T w i c e ?? T e c h n o l o g y
i s n' t f o r o l d p e o p l e. L O L ..

Anonymous said...

Oh packmule! Do we need to get you the "Jitterbug"?


Mon said...

I think i deleted one of your comments momma. karma schmarma, im not doing anything wrong. im sure when im older ill moan and groan too. only, maybe itll be for better reasons? =-D