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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wearing the Hat......

Know what annoys me? Being ignored, but other than that, a close second, or in the family of being ignored, is not being listened to. In my new role as supervisor, this is pissing me off. Sure the first couple weeks it's all roses.

The new girl pretty much disregards everything I say. I tried telling her things. Then telling her again. Then, I even made her some training guides, where I printed screens, and inserted text boxes and arrows, and detailed instructions, and still said "ask me if you have questions" and I'm never annoyed, and always clear and patient when I explain things to her. The worst is, asking her 3 times in 2 days to use a list to track schedule changes, and she still insists on writing them down. Which in turn, would cause me an hour more of work because she's not listening. I told her to do it the way I showed her, the reason we do it, is it saves time. She keeps disregarding the process of things, and doing them her own way. Um, this is corporate america sweetie. There has to be a memo first.

My boss told me, when this happens, that I have to ask myself if it's my method of explaining something that isn't effective. So, I'm scheduling one on ones with the girl, and we'll talk it out. Yesterday, I got to give my friend a raise, which was pretty fun! That's the good part of boss-dom!

Last night I didn't stay at the work gym, I went home and did the treadmill for an hour and then did the balance ball for half hour. Then, I took my sweaty ass to Kohl's because I needed to buy a steam vac. The one I had, which cost $300, and didn't last a year, needed a new motor. The guy said he could fix it for $40, but when I took it in, it needed a whole new motor, apparently "they go bad in those models" So, heed this warning, of the Bissel Pro Heat steam vac. I also used it every week, so whatever.

I charged a cheap ass Bissel for $139, which was probably stupid, except for the fact that my dog pees in my house on a regular basis, and I havn't had a steam vac for about 2 months, and well, that's just gross. After my hour and a half work out, I spent the next 3 hours doing my carpets. I'm still going to have to have them professionally cleaned before I move, but they look nice again. Did I mention that pretty much my whole body hurts? Did I also mention that since I started back to working out more often, my entire outlook on life is back on track? Yea, amazing how that happens isn't it?

Fizzgig says it best for me....

(my weak attempt at LOL catting my fizzgig)

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Slick said...

Fire the girl!

Wait.....does she wear sexy outfits to work? hang on to her...

Cleaning carpets for 3 hours? Darn, I know who to call when I need mine done now :)