"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Uh, Titles are Over-rated...

Um, first and foremost...GO HILARY! I think there's gonna be a war over all of this, you mark my words. People are getting a little too violent. I think they need to get lives. Seriously, what does the president even do? Talk a bunch of shit. I just want to not want to kill the person who cuts into my TV shows.

Only 6.5 hours total left at the second job. I can almost taste the freedom! This week, has been super freaking stressful on me, and working the night jobs making it worse. I havn't had time to workout, or clean, or email, or blog, or talk on the phone, or anything. I go home, and sleep. Monday, a girl from the leasing dept calls me in a panic that some files she needs for a job she took over in our dept were deleted off the network.

After a few phone calls, and some digging, it turns out, they werent missing, she was suppose to have copied them from the transfer drive, and didn't so they were automatically purged on Monday. Crisis solved. Peice of cake. It's also come to my attention, that most of what my boss did, she never told me about. I mean, the big things I know about. But the little piddly shit? It's a learning process. I'm doing good though, the girls are happy with the way I have been delegating, and standing up for them.

My life's been pretty uneventful otherwise. Too much working going on. This past weekend I went out to the bar for Heather's birthday, my guy came too, in all his manly cute-ness. He got me a rose from the bar rose lady. Which was totally adorable, and I loved it! Then we tried real hard to disturb the neighbors...if yaknowhatImean! Apparently, we woke them up at 5 am last week. That's what Tayray said. We can't help ourselves. What'll I do when my friend doesn't live next door? I guess I'll wake up strangers.

Sunday we had a movie marathon. I pass on this bit of advice, don't watch the movie "Perfume". Aside from the very end where there is a mass orgy, it's kinda stupid. We also watched "Next" with Nicholas Cage, and "We Own the Night" with Marky Mark. Both excellent!

Monday, it was 61 degrees, and yesterday we had an ice storm. I am about ready for summer, except that I wanted to lose 20 more lbs before then, and this work thing has hindered my progress. Starting next week, back on the saddle, and I'm pretty excited about that! So far the only things I am going to do with my new found wealth besides save so I can move, is have my carpets cleaned professionally, and put a new treadmill in layaway.

Oh yea, and not work two jobs. Boooyaaaaah!


Bianca said...

(I liked Perfume.)

Samantha said...

I'm ready for summer as well, I am getting sick of the rain!

EC said...

I'm with ya on the go Hilary shit!! Obama needs to go away :)