"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm not stuck in a random snow drift...

Yes, I am alive and well. You may or may not know, that we had one of those snowstorms that people will talk about for years. "Remember that storm in March of '08?" I mean, I live in Ohio, we're no stranger to storms, but it's March, and the cities seem to have exhausted most of their salt, and were therefore boycotted using any until the storm was almost over. They actually admitted to this on the radio stations. In an effort to 'keep people off the streets'. They announced a driving ban, any driving not 'necessary' was deemed unlawful. My problem with this is, what's important to me isn't to you. People need beer.

They shut a lot of businesses down Friday, and I actually got to go home around 3:30. I didn't get home until after 5, on my half hour drive home. I prefer to drive slow, rather than have my car buried in a snow drift, like the 80 dickheads I saw over the weekend. I could care less if it pisses you off that I'm driving 25mph. What did I do on Friday? I drove to Cleveland, you know, closer to the lake so I could be in an even worse snowstorm. I think it might be because I am in love or something. Love makes you do crazy things! I met my guy at his friends house for the night. We had beer, and food, and I kicked their asses at pop culture trivial pursuit, I gave up at monopoly cus I sucked so bad.

We woke up Saturday to find our cars buried mid way up the doors. No plows touched the side roads, and there was what...at least 12 inches of snow. We dug out our cars for about an hour, and the man did the old 'let's direct a woman how to move her car' routine, which ended in him moving my car out of the snow bank. "Turn the wheels right? My right? The wheel? Or, the car wheels? Huh? Left? My right, or your right? Should I go? When? I'm stuck!" It was pretty cute, but I can't help it if I dunno how to get out of the snow. He rescued me. He's my hero and stuff!

We were gonna go to his house but the weather was pretty treacherous. We got like, 5 more inches in a matter of hours on Saturday. I followed him to my house. The drive? Two and a half hours. There was only one lane "plowed" on the highway and by plowed I mean there was like 8 inches of snow vs. 15. People still tried to go around me. People are fucking stupid. The cars on the side of the road were buried up to the roofs. When we finally made it to my house we had the hill of doom which is my driveway. I made it up barely, and me and Tara had to push the man up. Shoveling snow is a good workout. I'm pretty sore!

Then we shoveled the parking lot cus the plow guy is an incompetent dillhole. We buckled down for the evening. My main power switch blew twice, I had to go out in knee deep snow to flip it. The cutest thing, like, in the universe? The man warmed my feet up when I came back in. I mean seriously, somebody pinch me. And my dog? she peed on the back porch. It was like watching the poor thing get sucked into quick sand the snow was way over her stumpy little head.

I may have been snowed in for my first weekend of freedom, but I cant think of anyone I'd rather be snowed in with. I love when I get to spend three whole days with him. It makes Monday's that much harder though. *sigh* I just wanna steal him up and run away and never look back! Everything feels so amazing when I'm with him. Even a shitty snowstorm!
Yes, this is a snowstorm people will remember for years to come. And I have some very happy memories of my own, that would melt any old snowdrift. I'm a very lucky girl.


Suzi said...

I thought of you when I heard about that snowstorm on the news. What a doozy! You have such a good attitude about it, too. I like a big snowstorm in December, but by March I've HAD IT.

The man warming your feet: I agree— Cutest thing ever!

EC said...

only a girl in love can say shoveling is a great workout!!

For me, I thank God every winter that I have moved to North Carolina :-)

Patti Cake said...

Whew...I so don't miss those days. I lived in OH for 13 years...Blech. Gimme the 110 degree summers any day so that I get 70 degrees for the other six months...muah ha ha. LOL

Samantha said...

We didn't get snow, we got floods!

Mon said...

yea it hasnt been this bad for a while! Good think it was the weekend!

how true that is! lol. But i did get to see my cute guy in a goofey hat, so that made it all worth it.

I'm the opposite. I hate to be hot. But, thers no problem driving round in hot. Snow, thats another story!

I think were suppose to get flooding next when all the snow melts tomorrow itll be in the 50's